Finding the Best Clothing Manufacturers for Your Business

Finding the Best Clothing Manufacturers for Your Business

With more than 430 million people working in the clothing and textile business, it seems to be a big challenge to find the right clothing manufacturers. Identifying the best custom clothing manufacturer holds great power over your clothing business, and it can be a decisive factor in either elevating your clothing business or tearing it down.

In this article, we will go over some of the basic considerations when choosing a suitable clothing factory for your orders, as well as some clever strategies to find and work with the best manufacturer for your clothing business.

Do I Really Need a Custom Clothing Manufacturer for My Business?

Uniqueness and consistency are key to catching the buyer’s attention. To achieve that, you can surely fight your own way out. But to make things a bit easier, you will probably want to team up with dependable custom clothing manufacturers that speak to your business needs, without inflicting on quality and finance goals.

Still, starting your business and partnering with a custom clothing manufacturer like Appareify may come with several risks, which will cost you time, money, and a lot of effort at the beginning.

Here are some pros and cons when collaborating with professional clothing manufacturing companies:


  • Make a mark on the clothing industry with tailored designs and unique patterns;
  • Improved quality control and sample testing before mass production begins;
  • Marketing can become your priority and you will call the shots.


  • There might be a condition on minimum order quantities (MOQ), leading to increased costs for startups and small-size clothing businesses;
  • Logistics can become a hardship, especially with international orders;
  • Expertise comes with a price. Be ready to pay for it.

And yes, it is indeed a challenge to find the right partner to work with, but once you do, you are likely one step closer to commercial success. The best manufacturers of clothing will have the capability to keep the costs down, have a reliable supply chain, and an experienced integrated production line to accomplish your business goal!

Factors to Consider Before Finding Clothing Manufacturers for Your Brand

Finding a clothing manufacturer that alleviates the stress of purchasing in bulk while guaranteeing excellent quality and stellar delivery times is the secret of success. Here are some factors to take into account before you start your research:


Identifying demands and planning your order quantity accordingly is a must. Overloading inventory or ordering too little can both put you in a bad position. For a small-scale business, you might need to choose small-batch clothing manufacturers first. Also, you should also look for manufacturers that are able to increase their supply once your business scales.

Customer preference

Understanding your customer perception and desires will determine your overall success. Are your clients inclined to buy luxurious products, tailor-made and more expensive products? Or do they rather prefer a bang for their buck? Different manufacturers of clothes specialize in various techniques and styles, so optimizing your choice is a safe bet.

Size differences

Do you have an international audience? If so, you have to find an apparel manufacturer that will address your business needs and adapt the sizing for Asia, US, or Europe. A wide range of sizes will secure customer satisfaction and check the inclusivity requirements, leading your clothing business closer to success.


Sewing resistance, fabric softness, and how it drapes, make a material worthy of its name. So, it’s crucial to find a reliable manufacturer that is experienced in various textile technicalities and will supply qualitative fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, or wool, depending on your business model.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Clothing Factory for My Business?

Now that you know your business demands and some basic clothing manufacturing requirements, so where to find the right manufacturer? Let’s take a look at some useful suggestions:


Growing your fashion circle means lowering a potential risk down the line. There are plenty of scams and low-quality supply incidents, so better ask for a reference. From personal referrals to reaching out to industry contacts, this will help you create a trustworthy relationship with the right clothing manufacturer for startups.

Search engines

The internet is an incredible sourcing channel that will not only answer your question on how to find clothing manufacturers but can also expand your potential partner candidate selections. With dedicated keywords and a clear target audience alongside numerous customer reviews, the performant search engines will help you make an informed decision.

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are essential marketing tools for local clothing manufacturers and international apparel manufacturers. Besides Facebook groups, where users share their experiences with different manufacturers, you could also find their official accounts as well as relevant hashtags to further expand your searches and assessments.

Trade shows or fashion events

Big events such as trade shows and fashion shows are a great opportunity to get acquainted with new entrepreneurs and scan for potential clothing manufacturer partners. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and interact as meeting new friends as well as great names in the business and receiving advice from them is another critical key to success.

Online directories

Sometimes, online directories are an easy approach to finding the list of services and contact information of a clothing manufacturer. These various directories promote connections between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and global trades. Online directories are a great way to find custom clothing manufacturers for startups that are new to the fashion scene.

Professional consultants and agencies

Reaching out to experienced agencies and professional consultants in the industry is another great way to find a trustworthy manufacturing partner. The advantage here is that they can usually vouch for the quality of the supply chain and turnaround times, smoothing the process of finding a clothing factory that is worth your money.

How to Choose Between Overseas Clothing Factories and Local Clothing Manufacturers?

Overseas clothing manufacturers

Finding a clothing manufacturer that ships internationally might seem like a challenge, but there are also advantages to it. Currently, the international clothing manufacturing market has great potential, with appealing pricing offers and a range of production processes or services that could contribute to the success of your brand.

The majority of international clothing manufacturers are located in Asian countries including China, India, Vietnam, and Pakistan, while other options are available in Europe and the Americas as well.

We rounded up some of the most concerning pros and cons of partnering with an overseas clothing manufacturer for you to consider.


  • Larger production potential and lowered price;
  • Improved or unique production techniques and processes;
  • Additional selections of fabrics and patterns.


  • Limited quality control capabilities;
  • Increased delivery periods due to potential turnaround issues;
  • Ethical issues concerning labor conditions.

Local clothing manufacturers

If you want to know how to find local based clothes manufacturers near you, your search options might not be as limited as you may think. Most national clothing manufacturers have improved their production techniques and labor standards, in order to survive the competition with their international contenders.

Local clothing manufacturers usually offer competitive prices for domestic orders. Not only can they produce your products at lower budgets, but they can also help you establish yourself in the industry as a brand that is ethical and contributes to the national market revenue.


  • Faster and more controllable turnarounds;
  • Support national manufacturing industry and economic development;
  • Easier quality control.


  • Limited choice of products and fabrics;
  • Higher production fees;
  • Potentially limited working force.

Important Things to Do When Dealing With a Clothing Manufacturer

It’s great to have a few potential collaborators that are ready to produce your designs, so assessing their capability to find out the best partner to work with became the next priority. We put together some of the most important considerations and actions you should take before making your final decision.

Check the manufacturer’s website and the online portfolio

A clothing manufacturer’s website is their international business card. Do they offer essential information such as pricing, recent projects, and contact details? Checking their online portfolios is another great tool to make an impression about the quality, patterns, and fabrics that they provide, especially if you don’t have any references for them.

Check customer reviews

Reviews are a mirror of the quality of the products, time frames, and notoriety the manufacturers provide. Feedbacks from the general public are also a direct reflection of the customer service standards that the manufacturer delivered. The best clothing manufacturers will usually have an overall outstanding score and are able to treat all of their clients with the same high-level service standards.

Pricing negotiation

Minimizing costs and upscaling your business is possible, so you should never settle down with the first quote right away. Negotiating the pricing points with your clothing manufacturer is a must! Especially at the beginning of your startup, finding a flexible clothing manufacturer, willing to adjust the price range of their services, will positively impact your business a great deal and build momentum.

Check their product capacity

The best clothing manufacturers for startups are the ones that grow with the brand. If your business has reached a new peak in sales, depending on the workforce and production chain, your clothing manufacturer will have to step up and deliver on time, without compromising on quality. Ask them upfront about it!

Questions You Can Ask Your Potential Clothing Manufacturer Partners

Will you provide product samples?

Imagine how your clients would feel if the products you ordered in bulk had a design or quality issue. Asking the manufacturer for product samples to inspect their quality beforehand will save you time, money and, most importantly, safeguard your brand’s identity from the perspective of your customers.

What is the cloth-making procedure in your factory?

It’s important to check if the manufacturer is following a regulated and standardized procedure during the cloth-making process. You need to know their production technologies, manufacturing methods, and ethical standards. Keeping track of the production processes is the key to the success of the relationship between your brand and manufacturers.

What is your MOQ policy?

The minimum order quantity refers to the minimum number of units you are required to order from a clothing manufacturer. This is particularly crucial for clothing startups. Some local and international manufacturers allow for MOQs of as little as 100 products, making it a safer bet for your initial budget.

How long is the turnaround time?

To avoid any red flags down the road, knowing your manufacturer’s turnaround time is essential. The turnaround time represents the moment the product hits the production processes up until its delivery to your storage location. A quick turnaround framework has the potential to maximize your revenue and deliver the products quicker to your clients.

Why Consider Appareify As Your First Clothing Manufacturer Choice?

If you are looking for high-quality clothing manufacturing with a startup-friendly MOQ policy, look no further than Appareify. Here are the reasons that make us stand out among our competitors:

Advanced Technology

3D rendering for optimized sizing, high-efficient production facility, and advanced production equipment are invaluable benefits when choosing to work with Appareify.

Industry-leading Manufacturing Technique

Pristine quality, impeccable cuts, and designs, as well as state-of-the-art techniques, are promised when working with Appareify. Say hello to top-notch qualitative manufacturing!

MOQ policy for all-scale businesses

From clothing startups to iconic fashion names, Appareify’s MOQ policy is meant to fit all scale needs. Our flexibility will lead to increased revenue and faster income flows for your business.

Environmentally Friendly Production

We insist on eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable production, bringing extra points for your brand when marketing it to your eco-conscious client base, and solidifying your name in the business.

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