First-rate Bra Maker

First-rate Bra Maker

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Top Quality Bra Manufacturer for Your Brand

Top Quality Bra Manufacturer for Your Brand

Our premium bra manufacturing services at Appareify are sure to take your brand's lingerie supplies from "good" to "excellent." As a customer-focused brand, our fulfillment comes from knowing that we've satisfied all your requirements down to the tiniest details. We want you to enjoy that feeling of satisfaction from being able to meet your client's needs too.

To this end, our bra factory is driven by excellence, innovation, precision, and superior craftsmanship. We ensure that we surpass all relevant quality control standards from the initial design stages down to final production. For the best of durability, style, and comfort, think Appareify above all others.

Top Quality Bra Manufacturer for Your Brand
What Types of Bras Do We Manufacture?

What Types of Bras Do We Manufacture?

As experienced bra manufacturers that cater to the needs of clients from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, our bra selections cut across a wide range of needs and preferences, including

  • Full cup bra

  • Balconette bra

  • Plunge bra

  • Half cup bra

  • Strapless bra

  • Sports bra

  • T-shirt bra

  • Front fastening bra

  • Nursing bra

  • Non-wired bra

  • Sleep bra

  • Bralette

What Types of Bras Do We Manufacture?

Why Choose Appareify as Your Bra Manufacturer?

Top-notch Quality

Top-notch Quality

As a reputable brand, we never compromise on premier quality or overlook any production process. From material sourcing to production and packaging, premium value is our slogan, and our commitment to thoroughness remains unparalleled.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

At Appareify, we believe that comfort and style aren't mutually exclusive. So, while premium comfort remains the goal, we also watch out for the latest trends and novel ideas in bra manufacturing to give you the best of all worlds.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

For us at Appareify, quality doesn't always mean exorbitant prices. While we strive to provide our clients with top-notch quality, we also make sure that they remain as affordable as they can be.



We are an eco-friendly brand. To that end, all our practices are geared towards protecting our environment and ensuring that we maintain a safer planet for all. From ethical sourcing to fair labor practices, recyclable materials, inclusive designs, minimal packaging, and everything in between, sustainability is at the core of what our brand represents.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Our delivery services are fast and safe. We get our products across to you right on time—no delays, no excuses. We optimize and efficiently manage every aspect of the delivery process to create a seamless experience for you.

Bra Maker That Can Satisfy Your Customization Preference

Bra Maker That Can Satisfy Your Customization Preference

Appareify never compromises on the perfect bra fittings for all sizes. We produce custom-made bras that suit your brand identity just right. So, if you are on the lookout for the best private labeling and similar services, you already know who to contact.

Regardless of the bra type and specifications you require, we are always ready to match your dream to your reality. Appareify is always ready to bring your designs to life and will prove to be the best wholesale bra distribution company you can dream of.

Easy Steps to Make Bras Tailored to Your Needs with Appareify

Let Us Know Your Preferences

First things first, let's understand your requirements by providing us with your ideal sizes, materials, colors, etc.

We Discuss the Specifics

Confirm Your Order

Approve Your Prototype

We Commence Production

Receive Your Package

Dependable Manufacturer of High-Quality Bras

📐Tailored bra design

From full cup bra to bralette and more

😎Professional team

At least 20 years of experience

🧵Custom clothing manufacturer

Private labeling, OEM and more

💓Streamlined process

Reliable and efficient processing and delivery


1. What's the difference between a bra and a bikini?

The primary difference between a bra and a bikini lies in the design and purpose. While bras are undergarments that are designed to support and give the breasts a more defined shape, bikinis are two-piece clothing with a bra-like top and pant-like bottom for swimming, lounging, sunbathing, hot tubbing, etc. Appareify's comprehensive services include the design and production of a wide range of swimwear, swimsuits, and bikinis.

2. What kind of wholesale bras does Appareify offer?

3. Can I choose the sizes of the bras in the bundle?

4. Do you provide private label service for wholesale bras?

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