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An Experienced & Reliable Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

An Experienced & Reliable Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Appareify is an experienced clothing manufacturing company aimed to cope with all-scale businesses, so we impose a low MOQ policy on our manufacturing practices.

The low MOQ manufacturing policy allows us to take on small quantity clothing orders from different types of companies, also reducing their budget and inventory pressure, and increasing their inventory turnover.

An Experienced & Reliable Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer
How Is The MOQ Policy Determined at Appareify?

How Is The MOQ Policy Determined at Appareify?

As a professional small-batch clothing manufacturer, our MOQ policy is fixed to a low amount and is carefully considered for the sake of our business operation and specific order requirements from our clients.

The design complexity of the clothing item is one of the major considerations when we determine the MOQ policy. Generally, the more complex the design, the higher the MOQ requirement will be.

Furthermore, specialized clothing products may require specific machines and expertise that will result in a higher MOQ manufacturing requirement from the factory, while simple printed white T-shirts typically have a much lower MOQ.

Here at Appareify, our team of experts has developed precise production procedures to improve manufacturing efficiency so as to keep the MOQ amount low for all of our clients.

Meanwhile, the implementation of advanced production techniques and a range of industry-leading machinery allows us to produce high-quality garments under our low MOQ requirements.

Why Choose to Order From Appareify?
Why Choose to Order From Appareify?

Why Choose to Order From Appareify?

  • Strength in R&D Capability

    Appareify is a professional clothing manufacturer with strong R&D capability. Our team of experienced production talents enables us to deliver high-quality garment products that meet our clients’ unique needs and requirements.

  • Cater to Any Business Size

    As a clothing manufacturer for all-scale orders, Appareify is ready to cater to businesses of all scales. From large enterprises to start-ups, our low MOQ requirement can improve your current profit margins and future scalability.

  • Advanced Machinery and Equipment

    We solidify our status in the clothing manufacturing industry through state-of-the-art technology. These advanced machinery and equipment enable us to offer stellar turnaround times, customization options, and pristine quality of creation.

  • Comprehensive Production Technique

    Appareify accomplishes all project inquiries through complex, sophisticated, and efficient production techniques, fueled by our years of experience and innovative vision. From sampling to production final steps, we are accompanied by excellence.

How Can You Benefit From Appareify’s Low MOQ Policy?

A small quantity clothing manufacturer can be the foundation to start your clothing business. Here are a few reasons why Appareify's low MOQ policy can be beneficial for your brand:

  • Market Testing With Ease

    Market Testing With Ease

    Appareify’s low MOQ manufacturing policy lets you investigate customer preferences with smaller product batches, enabling better planning and budgeting for your business development.

  • Reduced Upfront Investments

    Reduced Upfront Investments

    Say goodbye to storage pressure! Our flexible MOQ policy saves you time and trouble, allowing you to realize new and creative ideas without spending large upfront expenses.

  • Sustainability


    As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, our low MOQ manufacturing policy can help reduce excess inventory for our clients, also to minimizing energy waste, and promote the more efficient use of resources within the fashion industry.

Process to Place Your Order With Our Low MOQ Policy

The production procedure under our low MOQ policy ensures a smooth process from order placement to confirmation. Here's how the order process operates at Appareify.


Planning Your Order

First, we analyze your prerequisites and references. We then establish detailed project planning with your project manager including designs, materials, and production techniques.


Fabric Selection


Pattern Creation


Prototype Assessment


Order Confirmation & Production

A Small Quantity Clothing Manufacturer That Can Boost Your Fashion Business

📦 Accept small quantity orders

Friendly to all scale businesses

🔧 Advanced machinery

Maximized production efficiency

🔎 Strict QC standard

High-quality garments

🌱 ECO-friendly production

Sustainability is our goal


What does MOQ stand for in manufacturing?

MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. It refers to the lowest amount of a product the manufacturer accepts to fulfill at one time.

What is the MOQ policy at Appareify?

Does pattern making affect the MOQ amount under Appareify’s policy?

Can I negotiate for a smaller quantity?

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