10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Bangladesh

10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Over the years, Bangladesh has become a major hub in garment manufacturing, having attracted several major global retail brands to source their products from there. The reason for this is primarily due to the fact that the manufacturers based in this region are typically able to provide their clients with low production costs without compromising product quality.

In addition, they tend to have an extensive and productive labor force, which explains why most of these companies can often deliver high-volume orders with minimal difficulty or delays. So, if you intend on launching a clothing brand, it is a good idea to consider working with a Bangladesh clothing supplier but chances are that you may not know where to start looking.

To this end, we’ve put together an in-depth breakdown of the 10 best clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh to consider in 2023. If you want to find your ideal supply chain partner, then make sure to keep on reading for all the details!

1. Garment Factory Bangladesh - Best Cut and Sew Custom-Clothing Manufacturer

2. Posh Garments - Specialist in Crafting High-Quality Ladies’ Garments

3. SiATEX - Leading Private Label and OEM Custom Clothing Manufacturer

4. Minmax Textile - Offers Access to the Widest Range of Custom-Clothing Products

5. BD Wear - Leading Manufacturer of Quality Custom-Made T-Shirts

6. SDF Clothing - Best Choice for High-Quality Knitted Garments With Competitive Prices

7. Stuff Limited - Renowned Specialists of Custom-Made Tailored Garments

8. Wenext Apparels Limited - One-Stop Manufacturer for All Types of Custom-Clothing

9. Everytex - Reliable Clothing Supplier of Ready-Made Garments

10. Nur Fashion BD - Dedicated Manufacturer of Fashionable Custom-Made Casual Wear

If you need a quality clothing manufacturer for your brand, then check out this detailed list of the 10 best companies that are based in Bangladesh.

Garment Factory Bangladesh - Best Cut and Sew Custom-Clothing Manufacturer


The Garment Factory Bangladesh is a leading apparel manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality cut-and-sewn garments for men, women, and children in various sizes and fabrics. The company has worked with dozens of reputable brands across numerous regions and supplied them with a wide range of clothing items such as T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, woven denim, blouses, pajamas, briefs, caps, and more.

When it comes to production, the lowest minimums for custom-made garments start at 500 pieces with several ready-made wholesale clothing items also available for sale. The company offers brands competitive product pricing, as well as access to several different fabric selections. On top of that, they have a professional team of sewing and tailoring experts who are highly skilled and experienced in crafting quality garments from scratch.

In addition, the manufacturer utilizes the latest machines and technologies in their factories and production lines to ensure quality is maintained. This paired with the fact that they offer different packing and repacking options makes them an ideal clothing partner to work with over the long run.


  • Experts in cut and sew garments
  • Competitive pricing on offer
  • Wide range of clothing products


  • High MOQs

Get Quality Cut And Sew Clothing Products From Garment Factory Bangladesh >>>

Posh Garments - Specialist in Crafting High-Quality Ladies’ Garments


Established in 1984, Posh Garments is an apparel manufacturer that primarily specializes in producing high-quality ladies' clothing such as blouses, dresses, skirts, tops, nightwear, and more. In fact, the majority of production experts and designers at their factories are women, so you can be confident that they have the expertise needed to craft quality garments.

However, they do produce casual wear for men and children, as well. Over the years, the manufacturer has continued to work with several reputable brands offering various product customization options such as printing, embroidery, heat press, dye sublimation, and more. As such, they can be relied upon to satisfy large wholesale orders, so much so that they come with a minimum order quantity of 2,000 pieces per color, per style.

In addition, they are heavily invested in the use of ethical and sustainable clothing practices, as they typically use recycled fabrics and materials in their garment construction. Posh Garments fulfills international orders to a wide range of countries such as Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East, South America, and South Asia.


  • Slow product turnaround times
  • Facilitates large-scale bulk production
  • Experts in quality ladies' wear


  • Extremely high MOQs
  • Payments must be made via bank transfer

Order Well-Crafted Ladies Clothing Products From Posh Garments >>>

SiATEX - Leading Private Label and OEM Custom Clothing Manufacturer


SiATEX has been in the apparel industry for over 30 years and has built a solid reputation for itself as the leading supplier of private label and OEM clothing products. The company offers brands access to an extensive range of custom-made apparel for men, women and kids such as polos, t-shirts, pajamas, hoodies, and more.

With a dedicated team of expert designers, craftsmen and tailors, they even go on to assist in aspects like product design and development, fabric sourcing, pattern making, packaging and labeling, and even product photography. The company is known to be flexible in terms of production capacity, which means that they tend to be accommodating to low order minimums.

SiATEX maintains strict quality control standards having been certified with numerous accreditations, so you can be confident that all products off the line will be consistently up to par with your expectations. Moreover, they offer multiple payment options and even provide several different delivery options to choose from, which include FOB, C&F, and more.


  • Private labeling and OEM experts
  • Multiple payment options
  • Flexible order minimums


  • Not suited for high-end clothing
  • Have to inquire about product pricing

Work With SiATEX To Access Custom Private Label And OEM Garment Services >>>

Minmax Textile - Offers Access to the Widest Range of Custom-Clothing Products


With over a decade's worth of experience in the clothing production industry, Minmax Textile offers brands access to the largest collection of custom-made garments for men, women, and children. With hundreds of wholesale collections available to order, the manufacturer is a one-stop shop that has continued to supply brands with a varied choice of different apparel types at affordable prices.

The company facilitates a full-service experience, as their team of production experts and sales agents remain available to handle the entire process from product development to product shipment on your behalf. Minmaxst Textile accommodates several different payment options and even supplies products to several international markets like the UK, USA, France, Canada, and more.

The manufacturer’s order minimums start at 2,000 pieces per color, per style and they go on to offer brands several options to choose from in terms of fabrication, accessories and even packaging.


  • Offers affordable product prices
  • Different payment options available
  • Extensive range of wholesale clothing products


  • Exorbitantly high MOQs
  • Not ideal for tailored or highly detailed garments

Collaborate With Minmax Textile For A Wide Range of Custom-Made Clothing >>>

BD Wear - Leading Manufacturer of Quality Custom-Made T-Shirts


BD Wear is a comprehensive clothing manufacturer that primarily specializes in producing a wide range of t-shirts that include basic styles, trendy designs, and even custom-made products. However, the company also makes other types of clothing products, which include womenswear, uniform wear, kidswear, sportswear, winter wear, and more.

The manufacturer provides its clients with a wide range of services that span fabric collecting and style design to manufacturing and packaging with strict quality control. This includes extra production services like printing, embellishments, as well as tagging and labeling. They even provide samples of their products with any initial deposits refunded once you make a full bulk order.

In addition, BD Wear has the necessary machinery and skilled workforce required to produce clothes that are not only durable and comfortable but also adhere to expected industry standards.


  • Experts in producing custom t-shirts
  • Multiple customization options available
  • Quality garments guaranteed


  • Exceedingly high MOQs
  • No product images available on the site

Obtain Unique Customized T-shirts For Your Clothing Brand via BD Wear >>>

SDF Clothing - Best Choice for High-Quality Knitted Garments With Competitive Prices


When it comes to knitted and tailored clothing, SDF Clothing is the leading manufacturer to work with, as the company provides brands with top-notch knitted garments for men, women, and kids. Minimum orders start at 300 pieces and the manufacturer is known to provide a full-service experience from start to finish, which includes design, fabric sourcing, pattern making, bulk production, quality control, freight, etc.

The manufacturer offers several knitting services such as flat knitting, jacquard knitting, and circular knitting, not to mention, provides competitive prices for small businesses. This makes them well-suited to brands that want to secure quality, style, or functionality at reasonable prices. They even have an extensive team of highly experienced workers who are skilled at using a wide range of fabrics to produce the highest quality garments.

On top of that, they have a wide network of trusted international freight forwarders that can ensure your garments are delivered promptly. Plus, all shipped orders are insured beforehand, so you can be confident that your investment will always be protected.


  • Specializes in quality knitted garments
  • All shipped orders are insured
  • Competitive pricing on offer


  • Mid-to-high MOQs
  • No ready-made garments available

Reach Out To SDF Clothing For Quality Knitted Garments At Competitive Prices >>>

Stuff Limited - Renowned Specialists of Custom-Made Tailored Garments


Stuff Limited has been in the apparel industry for about 10 years and is an expert at producing custom-made tailored clothing in various fabrics and styles. Some of their most popular items include t-shirts, polos, hoodies, dresses, jackets, trousers, and more. With a dedicated team of industry professionals at the helm, they have managed to expand their operation across multiple continents such as Australia, North America, and Europe.

The company handles its entire production process in-house, as well as logistics, shipping, and customs clearance to ensure that its clients don’t have to deal with much hassle. This includes any additional branding like labels, tags or packaging materials based on the client’s choice and designs. Plus, Stuff Limited gets its fabrics from both local and international sources, so brands have access to sustainable clothing materials, as well.


  • Experts in crafting quality tailored garments
  • Sustainable fabrics and materials available


  • Lacks long-term experience in the garment industry
  • Bulk product turnarounds may be slow

Source Well-Crafted Tailored Clothing Items From Stuff Limited >>>

Wenext Apparels Limited - One-Stop Manufacturer for All Types of Custom-Clothing


Launched in 2017, Wenext Apparels Limited can be considered a one-stop shop for custom-made knitwear, as the manufacturer has the skills, equipment, expertise, and capacity to produce anything that you may need. Whether it be t-shirts, hoodies, polos, joggers, jackets, shorts, hats, or even nightwear, the company is flexible enough to cater to a vast range of clients across multiple countries.

With 5 production lines constantly active, the manufacturer is capable of handling large-scale orders with ease but they are accommodating to small brands by offering attractive MOQs, as well. In terms of production speed, they are faster than most other alternatives out there, as they can produce thousands of clothing items in a matter of days.

On top of that, the company provides its clients with dozens of unique, blended fabrics to choose from. Plus, Wenext Apparels Limited is also known to follow very strict quality inspection procedures before any garments are folded and packed for shipping.


  • One-stop shop for wholesale knitwear
  • Extensive range of fabrics to choose from
  • Accommodating MOQs available


  • Relatively new company
  • Lacks sufficient industry experience

Find Any Type of Clothing Product You Need At Wenext Apparels Limited >>>

Everytex - Reliable Clothing Supplier of Ready-Made Garments


If you want to get quality ready-made garments for your brand, then Everytex is the ideal manufacturer to rely on. The company has been in business since 1999 and offers several production options for brands to choose from such as dyeing, embroidery, screen printing, and more.

In addition, they can produce a wide variety of branded ready-made garments for men, women, and kids, which explains why they have worked with several reputable brands. The manufacturer even provides its clients with a full-service experience, as everything from product design to shipping and fulfillment will typically be handled on your behalf.

On top of that, Everytex is an enterprise that is well known to place a strong emphasis on women’s empowerment. As such, their staff is mostly skilled female design and clothing experts, many of whom have been in the industry for years.


  • Several ready-made garments available
  • Full-service manufacturer
  • Experienced female-led workforce


  • Lack of information on MOQs
  • Not suited for unique or luxury garments

Rely On Everytex To Provide You With Quality Ready-Made Garments >>>

Nur Fashion BD - Dedicated Manufacturer of Fashionable Custom-Made Casual Wear


Since 2012, Nur Fashion has been manufacturing a wide range of casual clothing products for several brands based in international markets such as the UK, USA, Mexico, and more. Some of the main products on offer include t-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, bras, jackets, pants, and more.

They utilize premium fabric construction in their garments, which ensures that they can provide products that consistently meet their client’s expectations. They even do well to offer these garments at cost-effective prices without compromising on product quality, no matter what pattern, size or color is required.

When it comes to product turnaround, the manufacturer ensures that every order is given individual attention and that all finished garments are delivered within the expected timeframe. Plus, the main fabric that they utilize is organic cotton, so you can rest assured that your garments will be made sustainably.


  • Numerous casual wear options
  • Use eco-friendly fabrics
  • Provides cost-effective prices


  • Low MOQs unavailable
  • Limited to casual wear products

Head Over To Nur Fashion BD And Order Trendy Casual Clothing >>>

Why Are the Majority of Garments Manufactured in Bangladesh?

When it comes to apparel manufacturing, Bangladesh is a popular country where many brands and retailers often source their products. One of the main reasons for this is that it boasts an extremely competitive cost of labor compared to most other countries. As a result, the cost of goods is affordable, especially for brands looking to make large-scale orders over the long term.

Another reason is that Bangladesh has a strong reputation for being one of the countries with the highest number of green garment factories. This explains why many brands and retailers choose to source their products from there, as it ensures that their garments are made using sustainable fabrics and materials. With many consumers preferring to shop from ethical fashion labels, it’s easy to see why Bangladesh is highly favored.

In addition, the country has continued to experience a large amount of digitization and technological innovation within the manufacturing sector. This paired with the fact that its Least Developed Country (LDC) status qualifies it for duty-free access and reduced international tariffs. As a result, Bangladesh-based enterprises can export goods such as readymade garments to global markets at cheaper costs.

Aside from that, the country also happens to have one of the most highly skilled apparel and textile workforces in the world. This is primarily because most of the private and public universities in Bangladesh are consistently churning out hundreds of graduates who specialize in this industry each year.

Feeling Dissatisfied With Bangladesh Garment Manufacturing Firms? Explore the Innovative Solutions Offered by Appareify!

While sourcing garments from Bangladesh clothing manufacturers does come with its benefits, there are numerous disadvantages that come with it, as well. For starters, the level of infrastructure in countries like China and India is far superior to Bangladesh, which means that you are less likely to experience issues and delays in regards to shipping and logistics.

Furthermore, Bangladesh tends to experience a lot of economic and political turmoil that can occur very unpredictably. As such, sourcing products from there can lead to disruptions in business continuity at the most unexpected times. Also, Bangladesh clothing manufacturers tend to frequently face several labor compliance issues, as some of these companies don’t always follow ethical practices in their businesses.

Instead, it is far more practical and safer to source your garments from an offshore manufacturer like Appareify. The custom clothing manufacturer is based in China and has almost a decade of experience working with numerous major retail and independent brands across various international markets. As a result, they are a company that can be consistently relied on to deliver your orders without fail, no matter where you are based.


Moreover, their production capacity far outweighs what most Bangladesh companies are capable of, not to mention, their production facilities are far more state-of-the-art in comparison. They also do well to offer shorter lead times than Bangladesh manufacturers with all their garments still maintaining superior quality standards and competitive pricing at the same time.


With this list of options to consider, finding the right clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh should be significantly easier to handle. Each of these 10 companies comes with its pros and cons to consider, so make sure to review them carefully and choose the right one that suits your brand’s needs and requirements perfectly.

If you still decide that none of these companies is satisfactory, then we strongly recommend that you contact Appareify. The manufacturer has worked with numerous brands both small and large-scale, not to mention, they are renowned for producing some of the best quality garments at reasonable prices.

Just remember to always request for product samples before making any final orders and avoid making the mistake of ordering too much stock in the beginning. It is always best to launch with a limited collection and once you are confident that the consumer demand is there, then you can feel free to increase the inventory.

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