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Appareify: Your One-Stop Custom Shorts Manufacturer

Appareify: Your One-Stop Custom Shorts Manufacturer

Appareify is a leading shorts manufacturer in the apparel industry that specializes in creating nicely-crafted and superior shorts. We offer various styles with a wide assortment of customization options.

Whether targeting a specific audience or starting a new clothing brand tailored for custom shorts, Appareify can readily provide superb manufacturing services for all your needs. We've got you covered, from fabric selection to bulk production and shipping.

Appareify: Your One-Stop Custom Shorts Manufacturer

Why Choose Appareify for Your Shorts?

Here’s why you should choose us as your shorts manufacturer:

  • Superior Quality

    Superior Quality

    We consistently produce shorts that meet the highest standards. Consequently, our team of experts only handpicks the finest textiles to create durable and comfortable shorts, ensuring custom clothing vendors build integrity and satisfaction with their customers.

  • Affordable Manufacturing

    Affordable Manufacturing

    At Appareify, we ensure our shorts are financially accessible to clothing retailers without dropping our standards. Sometimes, we offer discounts to our new and returning customers.

  • Highly Customizable Services

    Highly Customizable Services

    Take advantage of our highly customizable services, which include private labeling, cut and sew, and OEM—accurately reflecting your brand's identity.

  • Environmentally Conscious Practices

    Environmentally Conscious Practices

    We highlight our commitment to environmentally friendly practices by using eco-conscious materials & processes. Our sustainable manufacturing practices allow us to reduce our environmental footprint and promote a greener future.

Types of Shorts We Produce

Appareify uses premium-grade materials to create high-end shorts with incredible durability and softness. We deliver unique and well-designed custom shorts that match your bespoke specifications. Here are our customer favorites:

  • Custom Mesh Shorts

    Custom Mesh Shorts

    With breathable and comfortable features, our custom mesh shorts can be personalized to reflect your brand—in any way you deem fit. Plus, we design them to keep your consumers aerated during workouts and intense activities.

  • Men’s Shorts with Designs

    Men’s Shorts with Designs

    Make your customers stand out in style and comfort as they rock our men’s shorts with personalized patterns and designs perfect for any occasion.

  • Men’s Luxury Shorts

    Men’s Luxury Shorts

    Sophistication and elegance are synonymous with our men’s luxury shorts, which are meticulously crafted with exquisite detailing and premium materials.

  • Cargo Shorts

    Cargo Shorts

    Our cargo shorts are built for functionality and style. Hence, they come with ample pockets that deliver practicality (for adventures and camping), making them suitable options for your customers who engage in outdoor activities.

How to Place a Shorts Order with Appareify

Are you interested in our custom shorts manufacturing services? If yes, here are the six steps simplified for you:


Set Your Specifications

Let us in on the details of your order. Share every aspect and let your creativity take charge. Then, we’ll bring your custom shorts concepts to life.


We Dive Deeper


Make a Deposit


View the Prototype


Production Commences


Receive Your Shorts

Elevate Your Apparel Inventory with Appareify's Custom Shorts

✅️ Comfort

Superior fit with quality fabric

💪 Durability

Resists daily wear and tear

♻️ Sustainability

Eco-friendly manufacturing

👌 Versatility

Styles for all activities


Do you make other types of custom shorts?

Yes. We can make fuzzy, plain, basketball, short, 5-inch inseam, nylon, athletic, and gym shorts.

Are your shorts made in the USA?

What materials does Appareify use to manufacture shorts?

Does Appareify accommodate wholesale orders for shorts?

Contact us

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke apparel needs. You can email us at [email protected] or use the form here.