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Appareify: A One-Stop Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Appareify: A One-Stop Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Appareify helps you turn your apparel dreams into reality. From design to packaging, we provide full support every step of the way, enabling you to create your own private label clothing collection.

With decades of industry experience and a powerful team of highly experienced professionals, we can help you craft the perfect custom collection to meet your vision.

Appareify: A One-Stop Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Why Partner with Appareify?

If you're searching for a reliable and experienced private label manufacturer, Appareify is the top choice for you.

  • More Bang for Your Buck

    More Bang for Your Buck

    Our streamlined production processes and expertise in design, sourcing, and manufacturing ensure efficient, cost-effective production of each garment to deliver the best value.

  • Exceptional Quality Control

    Exceptional Quality Control

    Alongside our team of experts, you have the opportunity to oversee the entire production process, ensuring that each piece that we produce will be of the highest quality and durability.

  • More Flexibility for You

    More Flexibility for You

    In working with us to create your private label apparel, you have more flexibility to craft the exact pieces that you want, including clothing, sizes, colors, and fabrics.

  • Sustainabale ManufacturingSustainabale Manufacturing

    Our factory is certified eco-friendly and follows strict labor laws to offer ethically responsible pieces of the highest quality.

  • Amazing Full Packages

    Amazing Full Packages

    To make the process easier and more convenient for you, each garment that we produce includes everything you need, such as cut and sew samples, fittings, tech packs, and more.

  • In-House Research and Development

    In-House Research and Development

    Our in-house R&D team has experience in private label wholesale clothing, including professional patternmakers and dedicated researchers with a monthly development capacity of 100+ styles.

Types of Labels You Can Customize

Create a truly personalized and unique clothing line with the perfect custom labels. Appareify offers a wide range of private label apparel options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Woven Labels

    Woven Labels

    Durable labels for all types of clothing.

  • Satin Labels

    Satin Labels

    Elegant labels for dresses, formal wear, etc.

  • Printed Labels

    Printed Labels

    Versatile branded label for all clothing.

  • Heat Press Labels

    Heat Press Labels

    Timeless labels for lightweight clothing.

  • Hang Tags

    Hang Tags

    Customized branded tags for all clothing types.

  • Plastic Seal Tags

    Plastic Seal Tags

    Customizable tags for clothing security and branding.

Create Your Own Private Label Apparel Brand with Appareify

To get started with Appareify, simply follow these steps.

Get in Touch

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Craft Your Collection


Pick Your Print Style


Brand Your Collection


Label Your Collection


Approve Your Prototype


Launch Your Collection

Private Label Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing Made Easy

🔍 Innovative R&D

In-house team with 20+ years of experience

💚 Sustainable

Eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing

💰 Cost-effective

Competitive price & bulk discount

👌 High-quality

Expert oversight for superior quality control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is private label clothing?

Private label clothing refers to apparel that is manufactured by a third-party company exclusively for a brand, which then customizes and sells the product under their own brand name. Working with a private label clothing manufacturer allows the brand to focus on design, marketing, and pricing of the clothing, while the manufacturer handles the production process.

What’s the difference between private label and white label?

Is private label apparel brand profitable?

Can I private label wholesale clothing?

Can I get discounted prices for wholesale private label clothing?

How can I receive a quote?

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