Reliable Swimwear, Swimsuit and Bikini Manufacturer

Reliable Swimwear, Swimsuit and Bikini Manufacturer

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Leading Manufacturer of Premium Swimwear

Leading Manufacturer of Premium Swimwear

Appareify is a leading swimwear manufacturer that offers a broad selection of product ranges for swimwear and bikini businesses. We are known for our extensive research and development capabilities, advanced production technology, and commitment to producing reliable swimwear that bathing suit vendors can trust.

Leading Manufacturer of Premium Swimwear
Types of Swimwear We Supply

Types of Swimwear We Supply

Our experience as one of the best swimwear manufacturers enables us to meet various types of customer preferences. We manufacture:

Types of Swimwear We Supply
Your Swimsuits, Your Brand

Your Swimsuits, Your Brand

Appareify is a professional custom swimwear manufacturer. Using our private labeling service, you can add your logo, brand name, and other design elements to your swimsuits and bikinis. We work closely with you so that the final product meets your specifications. This enables you to create unique swimwear that attracts your customers.

Why Work With Appareify for Your Swimwear Business

Excellent Research and Development

Excellent Research and Development

Appareify's research and development team constantly seeks new materials and cutting-edge production techniques for our swimsuit factory. We also follow the latest trends and understand your customer preferences to ensure our designs are suitable.

Carefully Sourced Materials

Carefully Sourced Materials

We understand that swimwear quality starts with the materials. That's why we believe in sourcing the highest quality fabrics for our swimsuits and bikinis. We only work with trusted suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices.

Lowest Possible MOQ

Lowest Possible MOQ

We don't want purchasing our high-quality swimwear to be challenging. That's why we offer the lowest possible minimum order quantity (MOQ). Whether you need 100 or 500 swimsuits, we can accommodate your needs with our flexible production capabilities.

Rapid Production and Delivery

Rapid Production and Delivery

Appareify offers rapid production and delivery options to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. Our advanced production technology and streamlined process enable us to start production rapidly and efficiently. This ensures that your swimwear is delivered to you on time and in top condition.

Sustainable ManufacturingSustainable Manufacturing

We use environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled fabrics and low-impact dyes, and our production process prioritizes resource conservation and waste reduction. We also work with suppliers who share our commitment to fair labor practices, ensuring that our workers are treated with respect and dignity.

How to Order Swimsuits or Bikinis from Appareify?

We’ve got a precise process for manufacturing swimsuits and each step is explained in the following sections.


List Your Needs

Give us an overview of what you’d like us to manufacture for your business’s swimwear range.


Talk With Us


Confirm The Purchase


See Our Sample


Launch Production


Anticipate Delivery

Swimwear Manufacturer That Can Meet Various Preferences

🩱 Extensive range

Various swimwear products

😊 Comfy design

Bathing suits that feel good

🧵 Customizable

Private labeling available

🔽 Low MOQ

Flexible for various businesses


Why is Appareify a reliable manufacturer as bathing suit vendors?

With our excellent R&D capabilities and carefully sourced materials, we can produce bathing suits your customers will love. Also, with our low MOQ and rapid turnaround, you'll enjoy a trouble-free bathing suit manufacturing service.

Are you also a bikini manufacturer?

Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order for your swimsuit manufacturing service?

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