10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal

10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal

Portugal’s clothing industry is on the rise and is expected to hit well over $8 billion in 2023. In such a robust fashion ecosystem, more and more clothing manufacturers are emerging. If you want to hire one of these companies as your apparel producer, you shouldn’t do so randomly. Only work with the finest providers.

This article will list the 10 best clothing manufacturers in Portugal. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of partnering with Portuguese outfit makers.

  1. Create Fashion Brand – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Supports You Every Step of the Way
  2. PTIMG – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer of Versatile Garments
  3. Friendly Factories – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With a Vast Network
  4. RTG Textiles – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With an Effective Work Division
  5. Lopes & Carvalho – Certifiably Green Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal
  6. ASBX – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer of Customizable Designs
  7. DC Factory – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Offers Fit Testing
  8. Seam Factories – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Fulfills Special Packaging Requests
  9. Nitido – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Offers Brand Consulting
  10. LaGofra – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With Nearly a Century of Experience

10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal

China, India, Bangladesh, and Turkey are usually the go-to options for budding fashion business owners. However, Portugal is also a solid choice due to its wide variety of manufacturers. Here are the 10 best options.

Create Fashion Brand – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Supports You Every Step of the Way


As the name suggests, Create Fashion Brand is all about helping you set up your clothing company. They do so in two ways. The first option is to provide them with the ins and outs of your fashion line, including patterns, designs, colors, and preferred materials. This puts you in the driver’s seat of the process and reduces costs.

Alternatively, you can leave most of the work to Create Fashion Brand. They have a wide range of ready-made styles and patterns for you to choose from, eliminating the need for heavy input on your part.

Their quality and speed are impressive. The company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to expedite and improve stitching, making their clothes last longer than those of most other manufacturers.

Finally, the firm is Global Organic Textile (GOTS) 6.0-certified and makes a variety of garments, including T-shirts, hoodies, denim jackets, joggers, sweatpants, and shorts.


  • The ability to send tech packs or leave the design to them.
  • Organic products.
  • The manufacturing is generally fast and high-quality.


  • Shipments to Asia usually take much longer.
  • No phone customer service.

PTIMG – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer of Versatile Garments


PTIMG is another relatively well-reviewed Portuguese garment manufacturer. Their biggest strength is versatility. You can commission them for a whole host of items, including jackets, raincoats, overcoats, jeans, cargo pants, and hoodies. They also make a bunch of technical outfits, such as water-resistant apparel.

The company allows you to select from a huge number of materials and fibers. Whether you need fleece, interlock, rib, satin, canvas, or double-face garments, PTIMG will accommodate you. What’s more, they can utilize both organic and recycled cotton to make your clothes, categorizing them as a decent eco-friendly brand.

Lastly, they rely on several cutting-edge production methods. Digital printing, sublimation, all-over printing, and screen printing are just some of your options.


  • Handles many types of garments.
  • A slew of fabrics and materials available.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques.


  • Linen clothes could be better.
  • Expensive.

Friendly Factories – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With a Vast Network


Friendly Factories bears the name for a reason. The company comprises about 30 factories throughout Portugal. This enables them to accept bulk orders from multiple customers and meet deadlines without a hitch.

As for the fabrics, you can get excellent options with Friendly Factories. They make a variety of garments using natural and synthetic fibers, allowing you to customize the final product. The organization also holds several environmental and ethics certificates, which can boost your reputation.

Additionally, their website has a detailed quote page with all the information necessary for the sampling stage. The more details you provide, the faster you’ll receive an offer and start production.


  • Manufacturing tends to be fast.
  • Various green certificates.
  • The quoting page is detailed.


  • Although detailed, the quoting page sometimes requires multiple attempts before your order is accepted.
  • When ordering batches with multiple fibers and materials, the lead time is often excessive.

RTG Textiles – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With an Effective Work Division


We’re continuing our rundown of the 10 best clothing manufacturers in Portugal with RTG Textiles. The main highlight of this company is their capacity. They regularly accept large bulk orders because they’ve divided production into an in-house team and subcontractors.

The former handles sewing, confection, quality control, and some other aspects, while subcontractors take care of printing and textile sourcing.

If you want to set up a full clothing line for men or women, this factory is a terrific option. They manufacture an array of garments, like T-shirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets.

Another great thing about RTG Textiles is the proximity to a Portuguese airport. It allows you to visit the factory if you wish to inspect the fabrics personally. Furthermore, it enables them to ship products in just three to five days to different parts of Europe.


  • The division of manufacturing can accelerate sampling and final batches.
  • A multitude of men’s and women’s items.
  • Fast shipping if you’re Europe-based.


  • Verifying the ethics and sustainability practices of the subcontractors can be difficult.
  • Shipping to Asia, Australia, and other distant areas takes a lot longer.

Lopes & Carvalho – Certifiably Green Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal


If sustainability is a priority, Lopes & Carvalho is worth considering. A number of factors make them an eco-friendly alternative, but there’s one particularly notable feature. Namely, they source all the fabrics within a 20-mile radius, decreasing carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with intensive transport.

The company also receives a lot of praise for its certifications. Many European and world organizations have recognized their green initiatives, which is why they’ve earned various accreditations. Recycled Claim Standard, Organic Content Standard, Green Textiles Club, and Better Cotton Initiative top the list of these acknowledgments.

Lastly, the manufacturer doesn’t appeal to regular brands only. You can also partner with them if you want to make accessories, rugby shirts, home textiles, and other non-standard garments.


  • They go the extra mile to lower carbon emissions.
  • The firm is verifiably green.
  • Versatility is exceptional.


  • Lead time may be subpar when ordering organic products.
  • Contacting the company by phone takes a while and isn’t always available.

ASBX – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer of Customizable Designs


ASBX takes the fashion game seriously, which is why they offer a full range of textile services. In addition to producing garments, they can also fix faulty apparel, allowing you to reuse them for other markets.

When ordering your products, you can take two routes. Either send ASBX a full tech pack or choose from ready-made design options. This gives you greater freedom when making your garments.

Also, the firm has a dedicated sample store where you can get your hands on their garments before hiring them.


  • Fixing garments is part of their portfolio.
  • The manufacturer lets you choose the preferred design method.
  • Dedicated sample store.


  • Women’s garments aren’t their focus.
  • Processing payments is sluggish sometimes.

DC Factory – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Offers Fit Testing


DC Factory is a household name with plenty of features that can give you an edge over your competitors. For example, they’re one of the most versatile manufacturing firms. In addition to making attire for men, women, and children, they also specialize in corporate uniforms, school outfits, and pet garments.

Another attractive offer is fit testing. They show you how your garments look in real life before sending a final batch.

Last but not least, there’s a built-in chat feature on the website that can quickly answer some of your key questions.


  • DC Factory accommodates pretty much any clothing production
  • Fit testing is super-useful
  • Website chat enhances customer experience


  • They’re not as sustainable as some other Portuguese manufacturers
  • Their special clothing (e.g., school outfits) is expensive

Seam Factories – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Fulfills Special Packaging Requests


Seam Factories gets most of the basics right. They provide a variety of fabrics, including elastane, denim, lyocell, wool, silk, and linen. You can even pick organic cotton and recycled polyester if you wish to target environmentally conscious customers.

Garment diversity is another strong suit of this apparel maker. Leggings, skirts, shirts, dresses, polos, sweaters, and many other pieces are available all year long.

Moreover, they can accommodate any packaging requests you may have. For example, they regularly insert European Article Number (EAN) codes, hang tags, and other tags on boxes to expedite shipping.


  • Sustainability is a priority.
  • Various fabric options.
  • You can make various boxing demands.


  • The minimum lead time is four weeks.
  • European markets are a priority, resulting in even higher lead times for the rest of the world.

Nitido – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer That Offers Brand Consulting


Another Portuguese clothing maker that might meet your production goals is Nitido. They’re experts in women’s clothing, manufacturing anything from sportswear to workwear and accessories.

If experienced providers are your preference, you can’t go wrong with this company. Nitido has been in the business for more than two decades, during which time they’ve learned all there is to know about textile and custom manufacturing.

Like many other producers, they emphasize sustainability. The firm sources materials from eco-friendly suppliers and offers organic fibers.

Lastly, they provide premium brand consulting services. If you need help designing your website, formulating your vision, or enhancing your marketing strategy, Nitido can save the day.


  • The ladies’ collection is vast.
  • Nitido cares about the environment.
  • They’re experienced and offer brand consulting.


  • Men’s and children’s attire is scarce.
  • Transportation to remote countries is slow.

LaGofra – Portugal’s Clothing Manufacturer With Nearly a Century of Experience


The biggest selling point of LaGofra is their experience. They’ve been operating for nearly a century, so you can expect a thorough understanding of fashion.

One of the aspects they seem to specialize in is fabric colors. Whether you want to produce men’s jackets or women’s tracksuits, you can expect realistic nuances. They’re vibrant and exciting, adding a new dimension to your brand.

Their clients also appreciate their materials. Sourced from high-quality locations, they last long and translate into higher customer satisfaction.

On top of that, LaGofra is well-versed in numerous types of garments. From jeans and tracksuits to shirts and hoodies, they can make virtually anything.


  • They’re a seasoned clothing maker.
  • Top-quality materials and understanding of colors.
  • Garment variety is a huge boon.


  • No samples are available on the website.
  • The customer support is frequently unresponsive.

Why Do Individuals Choose Portugal for Clothing Manufacturing?

Each manufacturer is different and provides specific advantages, but most Portuguese companies have a few things in common. The following characteristics can make them a solid option for outsourcing your clothes-making:

  • Solid network of suppliers – Portuguese apparel manufacturers are known for close-knit bonds with suppliers. Through loyalty programs, good-neighborly relations, and other initiatives, they source some of the finest materials on the market. Besides standard textiles, these include organic fabrics and many eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Efficient shipping – Geographic position makes a world of difference in terms of transport, and Portugal has been blessed with one of the best locations. Tucked in by the Atlantic Ocean, the country utilizes numerous waterways to send outfits all over the world. It’s also close to the Mediterranean Sea and connected to continental Europe, providing even more channels for dispatching wares. The robust shipping environment helps reduce delays.
  • Affordability – As Portugal works with countless suppliers, they offer competitive prices. If you’re a startup or cutting costs, Portugal can be a good alternative because you won’t have to break the bank for outsourcing your production. Furthermore, the minimum order quantities are low, which gives you greater flexibility when ordering samples and final batches.

Feeling Let Down by Portuguese Garment Manufacturing Firms? Discover the Exceptional Quality of Appareify!

There’s some value in working with Portuguese garment makers. The combination of affordability and relatively fast shipping can give your business a solid competitive advantage, especially if you’re just starting out in the fashion industry.

That said, they have several disadvantages that can cripple your chances of success, such as subpar customer service. It might not seem like much, but their low-quality technical support makes it virtually impossible to receive finished garments on time.

Then there’s quality inconsistency. Although the fabrics are reasonably priced, not every manufacturer partners with reliable suppliers. Some take the easy way out and find the cheapest textiles possible. This results in poor-quality garments that only last for a couple of months, leading to lower customer satisfaction.

Admittedly, launching a clothing business requires you to be a risk-taker, but there’s no room for error when choosing your manufacturer. You need the safest option available, which is why Portuguese companies are generally ill-advised.

There’s no reason to take a gamble with disreputable firms because Appareify is here for you.

With Appareify by your side, you won’t have to worry about inconsistent quality, poor customer support, and other issues that plague our Portuguese counterparts. On the contrary, we offer the ultimate combination of superior fabrics and super-responsive technical assistance at a fair price.

What also sets us apart is our flexibility. We hand the reins of the design process over to you, but we’re also available for expert insights. Whenever you feel you’ve hit a brick wall, simply reach out to us, and we’ll recommend striking patterns and colors to keep the production rolling.


Plus, here at Appareify, we pride ourselves on our sustainability-first approach. Our fabrics are biodegradable, minimizing our carbon footprint, and allowing you to assert yourself as an environmentally conscious brand.

Being a World-Class Fashion Brand Is About Careful Decision-Making

You aim to break into your target market as soon as possible. Still, you don’t want to do so with low-quality products, but this happens often if you produce your garments in Portugal. And even if you can send the products back for improvements, one of your competitors might fill the gap and steal your customers.

Our guide makes a world of difference in terms of preventing hasty calls. Knowing the pros and cons of each Portuguese maker allows you to make informed decisions.

Beyond that, keep this in mind when looking for a manufacturer – never place bulk orders prematurely. Only after you gauge their customer service and samples should you determine if bulk batches are worth considering.

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