10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Australia

10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Australia

One thing about the clothing industry in Australia is that it is an extremely competitive space. And while it used to be primarily dominated by major brands, the rise of e-commerce has paved the way for independent brands to emerge. However, if you want to achieve success in this market, you must be able to develop a strong relationship with the right clothing manufacturer.

After all, they are the ones who will be in the position to provide you with quality garments that are not only stylish but also unique in their own right. This will ensure that you can consistently stay one step ahead of your competitors, so we decided to put together a comprehensive list of the 10 best clothing manufacturers in Australia.

With this, you should be able to find a manufacturer that you can rely on to help bring your ideas to life and get you one step closer to a thriving clothing brand. If you’re interested in learning more, then make sure to keep on reading!

1. Hingto - Leading manufacturer of high-quality activewear clothing

2. Australian Apparel Manufacturing - Top choice for producing branded uniform wear

3. CGT Australia - Best clothing manufacturer of sustainably-made garments

4. LP Garments - Experienced manufacturer of cut and sew clothing product

5. The Clothing Room - Highly reliable manufacturer of branded garments and products

6. CB Clothing - Best Choice For Wholesale Custom Blank Apparel

7. Sphinx Australia - Manufacturing experts of mid to high-end garments

8. DR Uniform Manufacturing - Leading clothing supplier of tailor-made garments

9. Always Trendin - Experts at producing unique made-to-order garments

10. KJ Production House - Highly versatile and reliable clothing manufacturer

Top 10 Australia-Based Clothing Manufacturers

Read on to view our list of the top 10 best clothing manufacturers to order from in Australia.

Hingto - Leading manufacturer of high-quality activewear clothing


With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Hingto is the leading manufacturer of men’s and women’s activewear clothing, as the company offers an extensive selection of custom-made tracksuits, bras, leggings, tanks, shorts, tees, jackets, and much more. Whether you need custom designs or branded wholesale blanks, they are capable of producing high-quality garments that are long-lasting, comfortable, and durable.

It is for this reason that they have worked with some of the most notable clothing brands in the world such as Adidas, Speedo, and others. Hingto is also a strong advocate of ethically made sustainable fashion, which is why they typically utilize eco-friendly fabrics in their products such as bamboo, hemp, recycled polyester, organic cotton, etc.

The manufacturer also has a production facility that is capable of churning out over 100,000 pieces each month. In addition, they have a team of clothing designers and experts who will guide you through the production process. This makes them an ideal choice for any startups and small brands that are looking for an accommodating manufacturer to work with.


  • Experts in custom activewear clothing
  • Wholesale blank apparel available
  • Ethically and sustainably made garments


  • No specific MOQ until designs are provided
  • Only specializes in activewear clothing

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Australian Apparel Manufacturing - Top choice for producing branded uniform wear


Australian Apparel Manufacturing is a clothing manufacturer that specializes in producing school uniforms, work wear, sports uniforms, and other "short run" garments. This makes them well-suited for smaller brands and businesses that are looking for a manufacturer that can provide them with low MOQs.

From custom hoodies, polo shirts, sweaters, jackets and more, AAM offers a wide range of custom-made clothing products to choose from. They are also able to design your garments based on your desired style, colorways, and sizing, which ensures that you can cater to a wide range of people.

It also helps that they are a boutique company, which means that all their clients are provided with a personalized experience from the design stage to bulk production. On top of that, they are fully capable of handling mass production orders.


  • Experts in custom-made uniform clothing
  • Low MOQs available
  • Offers a personalized client experience


  • Product pricing may be a bit expensive
  • Only specializes in producing uniform-wear

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CGT Australia - Best clothing manufacturer of sustainably-made garments


Since 1983, CGT Australia has continued to specialize in producing ethically and sustainable fashion for a wide range of notable brands such as NET-A-PORTER and Harrods London. The company is also well-known to be highly skilled in crafting clothing products from any fabric such as woven, silks, knits, linens, and velvets.

In addition, the entire production process is handled at their in-house factories, which means that they have the equipment and manpower needed to handle everything from pattern making, grading, sampling, and cutting, all the way to packing and shipping. However, the main highlight of using CGT Australia is that they are the best choice for brands that need an expert in sustainable fashion, which is why they tend to work with like-minded designers, tailors, and production experts who share their vision.

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer does well to accommodate smaller brands, as they typically offer a low MOQ that typically starts at 50 to 60 per style.


  • Specializes in ethically-made fashion
  • Offers extremely low minimums
  • Multiple fabric options available


  • Product pricing may be a bit expensive
  • Only specializes in producing uniform-wear

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LP Garments - Experienced manufacturer of cut-and-sew clothing products


LP Garments is a small family-owned garment manufacturer in Australia that focuses on producing high-quality cut-and-sew products that are ethically made for both small-scale and large-scale brands. The company also comes equipped with a wide range of advanced production equipment and tools to ensure quality finishes.

They also have highly skilled machinists who take care to sew each garment with absolute detail and precision, so if you ever need unique and personalized pieces, they can accommodate you. 

On top of that, this Australian clothing manufacturer even offers its clients access to a sewing workshop designed for new brands looking to learn how to cut and sew their products from scratch. Plus, the manufacturer even offers numerous added services such as pressing/ironing, labelling and sticker application, folding/packing, as well as DTF printing.


  • Experts in cut-and-sew clothing
  • Ethically-made garments available
  • Sewing workshop available


  • Not well-suited for mass production
  • Limited clothing production options

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The Clothing Room - Highly reliable manufacturer of branded garments and products


The Clothing Room is a boutique-style apparel manufacturer in Australia that offers a wide range of clothing production services from design and technical packs, pattern making, full CMT, and more. With a wide network of manufacturing partners, the company has access to numerous ethical, high-quality suppliers that can consistently produce and deliver both small and large-scale orders on time and to suit any budget.

Besides, their highly-talented team of designers and pattern-makers provides personalized assistance from the design stage to final production. This means that they can be of help when you need to produce high-end garments, especially given that their in-line QCs remain present during every step of production to ensure quality is maintained.

Plus, they are also able to facilitate product tagging and labelling, as well as organize international delivery through their dedicated shipping agents.


  • Caters to small independent brands
  • Highly-personalized client service
  • Extensive range of product options available


  • Production is only handled offshore
  • Delivery times may be slow

Use The Clothing Room To Get High-Quality Branded Products >>>

CB Clothing - Best Choice For Wholesale Custom Blank Apparel


CB Clothing is a privately owned clothing manufacturer in Australia that is well-known for specializing in producing premium blank clothing apparel that is 100% made from Australian cotton. The company provides its clients with access to numerous product options for men, women, and even kids, which include T-shirts, crewnecks, polos, tanks, hoodies, and even other accessories like masks and totes.

The clothing products on offer are also available in a wide range of colorways with all their pre-shrunk fabrics being specifically produced for DTG, screen-printing, and embroidery. The manufacturer also prioritizes quality craftsmanship by knitting all their fabrics in-house and utilizing combed cotton with a tighter weave to ensure that all their garments have a smooth printing surface for a superior-looking finished print.

It’s also important to point out that CB Clothing follows ethical and sustainable clothing practices with the company maintaining a strong commitment to supporting local Australian farmers.


  • Specializes in blank wholesale apparel
  • Utilizes high-quality fabrics and superior craftsmanship
  • Ideal choice for mass clothing production


  • Custom production costs may be high
  • Not suitable for detailed, tailored, or high-end clothing pieces

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Sphinx Australia - Manufacturing experts of mid to high-end garments


If you need an Australian clothing manufacturer that can provide you with high-end garments, then Sphinx Australia is a great choice to consider. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, the family-owned company has experience working with numerous retail brands in both local and international markets, as well as producing official clothing for companies in defence, mining, corporate, etc.

This also means that they have the resources to consistently source and manufacture a wide range of garments in bulk. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of production options such as CMT services, pressing & packing, cutting & sewing, barcoding & labelling, and more. They are also well-known for offering competitive pricing on their clothing products, especially when it comes to producing OEM products.

In addition, their factory is equipped with some of the latest technology and equipment in garment manufacturing. As a result, they are more than capable of consistently delivering quality garments, even on a bulk scale.


  • Highly experienced in bulk OEM production
  • Competitive pricing available
  • Offers multiple production services


  • May come with a high MOQ

Order High-End Custom-Made Garments From Sphinx Australia >>>

DR Uniform Manufacturing - Leading clothing supplier of tailor-made garments


DR Manufacturing was first launched in 1985 and since then, the company has worked with a diverse range of clients across numerous industries. The manufacturer is also made up of a professional team of designers, tailors, and production experts who offer a combined experience level of over 50 years. As a result, they are in a good position to provide their clients with complete design support from start to finish.

The manufacturer also handles the entire production process in-house, which is also why they offer custom MOQs that are provided specific to each order. This makes them a viable option for small, independent brands that may be looking to make smaller quantities per collection.

Brands are even able to supply their fabrics, trims and labels to this Australian apparel manufacturer, who will then produce their garments and organize product shipping to them.


  • Experts in tailor-made garments
  • Personalized MOQs available


  • Clothing embellishments are outsourced
  • Long production booking lead times

Contact DR Manufacturing For High-Quality Tailor-Made Garments >>>

Always Trendin - Experts at producing unique made-to-order garments


Always Trendin is a full-service clothing manufacturer in Australia that provides its clients with a cost-effective way to produce quality custom-made garments with very little hassle. The company prides itself on offering low MOQs and fast turnaround times, hence the reason why they have a long history of working with numerous independent brands from the ground up.

The manufacturer also uses a wide range of artwork application techniques such as sublimation printing and embroidery with all their fabrics and materials being ethically sourced as well. Compared to most other clothing manufacturers, they don’t hold any inventory, which means that every order made can be customized to your specific wishes, down to the last thread.

The company also makes a point to only use natural fabric dyes in their clothing, rather than synthetic dyes. This, in turn, ensures that their garments don’t pollute the environment or cause any allergic reactions.


  • Offers high-quality made-to-order garments
  • Low MOQs
  • Fast product turnarounds


  • Lack of ready-made wholesale apparel
  • No product visuals available on their site

Reach Out To Always Trendin For Quality Made-To-Order Clothing Products >>>

KJ Production House - Highly versatile and reliable clothing manufacturer


KJ Production House is a garment manufacturer in Australia that caters to both new and existing brands looking for a guiding partner to help them bring their fashion ideas to market. From design and fabric sourcing, cutting and sewing to packaging and shipping, the company offers a full-service experience that is directly led by and handled by their founder.

This means that all clients can expect their orders to be given an adequate amount of attention from the start of production to the end. The company is also made up of highly experienced pattern makers, cutters, machinists, and tailors, so they are capable of producing any type of clothing products in any style, shape, design or type. This includes menswear, womenswear, swimwear, activewear, kidswear, and much more.

The company also offers local and off-shore manufacturing, which means they can cater to both small and large brands. In addition, they have strict quality control checks on every order to ensure that each garment effectively meets the fashion industry standard.


  • High-priority client experience
  • Strict quality control checks
  • Local & offshore manufacturing available


  • Still relatively new, compared to others on this list
  • No products available to view on their website

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Why Should You Consider Collaborating With Australian Clothing Manufacturers?

Launching a clothing brand can often be a rather hectic and frustrating experience, which is why it helps to minimize the number of potential complications as much as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is by collaborating with Australian clothing manufacturers.

After all, the benefit of working with a locally-based manufacturer is that the ease of being able to visit their facilities can provide better transparency over their production processes. In addition, working with Australian manufacturers can often have a direct impact on the local economy by helping to create jobs and promote entrepreneurial business growth.

Furthermore, Australian-made clothing often carries with it a positive sentiment both locally and internationally, which can help to boost your brand image significantly. Aside from that, working with Australian manufacturers can often guarantee that your products won’t experience any lengthy shipping delays, which means that you can adapt to any surges in demand more effectively.

Plus, if there are any problems with your orders, then you can easily reach out to the manufacturing facility to quickly resolve the issue, which can save you a lot of time and money in the process.

Not Satisfied with Australian Apparel Production Firms? Uncover Appareify!

While local production does have its benefits, the fact remains that it can often come with a few downsides to consider as well. For starters, a huge number of Australian-based manufacturing companies have closed down in recent years, which has also meant that the country’s pool of skilled clothing manufacturers has shrunk dramatically.

This makes it difficult to not only find manufacturers that can handle your specific production requirements and needs but also companies that don’t charge expensive rates. On top of that, most local companies tend to import a wide range of fabrics and materials anyway, which often contributes to higher production costs for the client.

However, if you use offshore manufacturing companies like Appareify, you will often be able to access a huge supply of skilled clothing artisans, designers, tailors, and production experts. This, in turn, expands your range of clothing options and allows you to build a wider product catalog for your customers.

Furthermore, these companies will often have the latest and most advanced technology needed to produce high-quality garments at lower prices. Also, since most of the raw materials, fabrics, and accessories that you may require are produced internationally, you can design your garments how you want without having to make compromises.


Finding success in the fashion industry starts with securing a reliable clothing manufacturer that can consistently provide you with quality custom-made garments at reasonable prices. In this article, we’ve gone in-depth into the best Australian-based companies that you can work with in this space, so it falls on you to determine which one suits your brand the most.

However, it is also important to consider other alternative options such as Appareify, especially if you discover that these local manufacturers are unable to satisfy your needs perfectly. After all, if you want to stand apart from your competitors in this market, then you need to partner up with the best of the best.

This means never settling for a manufacturer until you are 100% confident that they can deliver.

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