10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam

10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam

For many years, Vietnam clothing manufacturers have been a top choice for many retail brands and companies and several reasons would explain why. After all, Vietnam manufacturers have decades of experience when it comes to providing brands with unique fabrics, clothing patterns, and embellishments.

Furthermore, the country has a steady flow of skilled workers who can help you bring your ideas to life and produce your designs as soon as market trends emerge. However, this also means that there are a wide number of clothing manufacturers out there, which can make it difficult to pinpoint the right one for your brand.

In this article, we are going to break down a comprehensive list of the 10 best clothing manufacturers in Vietnam that you should consider working with. Each company has something unique to offer, so take care to read between the lines and determine the one that shows the most promise.

Find the perfect clothing manufacturer to help you launch your fashion brand by checking out this list of the 10 best companies that are based in Vietnam.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam - Best Manufacturer of High-Quality OEM Clothing Products


Founded in 1991, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a highly experienced clothing manufacturer that offers brands access to a strong manufacturing capacity that is supported by cutting-edge technology, a wide network of material suppliers, and a highly skilled labor force. Whether you need activewear, workwear, casual wear or kidswear, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has the resources and manpower to produce what you need in bulk.

From fabric sourcing, garment construction and styling to packaging and shipping, they are a full-service manufacturer that provides everything you would need help with. In addition, they are a strong advocate of environmental sustainability, as they utilize recycled fabrics and natural materials like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton that are FSC, GOTS, and OCS certified.

The manufacturer even offers international shipping to numerous countries, as well as provides international quality standard products that are available at reasonable prices. This paired with their innovative production processes ensures that your orders will be made and delivered in a consistent and timely manner.


  • Bulk production available
  • Eco-friendly clothing products
  • Highly-experienced and reputable OEM manufacturer


  • High MOQs

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DONY Garment - Experienced Clothing Supplier That Offers Multiple Production Options


When it comes to flexibility, DONY Garment is the leading choice, as the clothing manufacturer offers brands access to a wide range of clothing production options to choose from. Whether it is embroidery, cut and sew, screen printing, or whatever else you need, DONY Garment can handle it all.

The manufacturer produces a variety of clothing products such as headwear, casual wear, outerwear, and workwear for local and overseas companies with competitive pricing being one of their main highlights. They handle everything from product design to packaging and have strict quality control measures with the company offering clients full refunds in case of any manufacturing defects and errors.

In terms of production capacity, they are well-equipped with 3 production lines that enable them to handle up to 50,000 units per month, which makes them suitable for both big and small brands. Plus, they are known to ship internationally with some of their main export markets being the USA, Canada, Europe, etc.


  • Strict quality control standards
  • Multiple production options
  • Competitive pricing available


  • High order minimums

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Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory - Highly Skilled Cut and Sew Experts in Ladies’ Garments


Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory is a family-owned garment manufacturer that has specialized in producing high-quality ladies' garments for over 30+ years. The company is high skilled in cut-and-sew production with most of its clients being overseas markets such as Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Many of the brands that they work with are major retailers; but they do cater to smaller brands, as their MOQ is set at around 500-1,000 pieces per color per style. While most of their orders revolve around women’s casual wear, activewear, and yoga wear, they produce men's and children’s clothing products, as well.

In addition, the company is well-known for producing its own fabrics, which means that they can be relied on to make unique custom garments. It also helps that their staff is well-trained to speak English, which does well to ensure the entire order process proceeds without any misunderstandings.


  • Skilled cut-and-sew experts
  • Specialists in women’s clothing
  • Reliable customer service team


  • Slow product turnaround times
  • Mid to high MOQs

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Project SGN - Top Clothing Manufacturer of High-End Custom-Made Garments


If you need help producing highly detailed custom clothing items, then Project SGN is your best bet. The clothing manufacturer has long experience working with mid-high market brands across multiple countries worldwide. With over a decade of experience, they have worked with a wide range of clothing brands in North America, Australia, the UK, and Europe to produce the most diverse range of clothing styles.

The company offers a full-service experience that covers aspects like fabric & trim sourcing, creating tech-packs and pattern making, and packaging and shipping. They even take quality control very seriously by conducting personal inspections throughout all production phases. In addition, their workshop provides a fast-sampling service and is capable of producing high-quality garments in low volumes.

Since Project SGN has partnerships with several factories, they can be counted on to deliver sizable bulk orders, as well. They even compare international shipping quotes and time estimates, which ensures that you can secure the best options for delivery.


  • Experts in high-end clothing
  • Low MOQ
  • All-in-one garment manufacturer


  • High product pricing

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Gold Garment - Established Manufacturer With a Wide Range of Custom Clothing Options


Gold Garment is an established clothing manufacturer that offers brands access to a wide range of clothing products and styles to choose from. They have menswear, womenswear, kidswear, headwear, and even activewear with several wholesale options available such as polos, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, tank tops, underwear, and much more.

In terms of production capacity, the company has a minimum order quantity of 2000 pieces and has an extensive network of partner factories, which means the company can flexibly accommodate large-scale brands with ease. And since they serve export markets such as the USA, UK, Canada, France, and Australia, they can be relied on to deliver your orders internationally.

They offer reasonably quick turnaround times that typically vary depending on your order quantity. Plus, they produce their fabrics and materials in-house, which means that you can customize your garments in the exact designs and styles you want.


  • Caters to bulk clothing production
  • Multiple products and styles available
  • Facilitates international shipping


  • Extremely high order minimums
  • Pricing revealed only on request
  • Bank transfer payments only

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Vietnam Clothing Manufacturer - Leading Manufacturer of Activewear & Sports Apparel


Vietnam Clothing Manufacturer is a top clothing manufacturer of custom-made activewear & sports apparel, and the company offers brands many different styles to choose from. With decades of experience in this niche, they have served both large global retailers and emerging brands in European, Australian, and US markets.

The manufacturer offers comprehensive OEM solutions and private labeling services with various customization options available. Brands will have access to both natural and synthetic fabrics and will have a skilled design team that is ready to provide support and advice on how to develop the perfect samples before bulk production.

When it comes to orders, MOQ starts at 3,000 pieces and their average lead times are around 10-12 weeks. As a sustainable manufacturer, the company also ensures that all products are shipped out in recyclable packaging and they even utilize the LEAN system to help reduce wastage, as well.


  • Experts in activewear and sportswear
  • Strong advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion
  • Wide range of fabrics and materials


  • Exorbitantly high order minimums
  • Lengthy product lead times

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TLD Apparel - Experienced Suppliers of Sports and Fitness Clothing Products


TLD Apparel is an experienced clothing manufacturer that specializes in producing custom-made sports and fitness apparel. The company makes everything from t-shirts, polos, tanks, leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, shorts, and more. However, what makes them so unique is that they offer brands access to unique and specially-made fabrics such as High Compression Nylon, Tactel, Cordura, and more.

The company also provides access to eco-friendly fabrics and materials, so any clients who are looking to prioritize sustainable fashion can design garments that fit within their brand values. In addition, there are various manufacturing services available, such as OEM and ODM, as well as private-label customization. Unlike most other companies, their customer service team will remain available to answer any queries that you have 24/7, every day.

TLD Apparel even offers worldwide shipping to almost any country with product samples made available for free.


  • Specialists in sports and activewear
  • Several production services available
  • Offers worldwide shipping


  • Very slow product turnarounds

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Garment Agency Vietnam - Experts in Producing High-Quality Woven and Knitwear Clothing


Garment Agency Vietnam has been in the garment industry for the past 12 years providing several notable brands with woven and knitwear products such as jeans, hoodies, pajamas, sweaters, dresses, beanies, hats, and so much more. The clothing manufacturer has a long reputation for consistently providing its clients with quality-made garments at affordable prices.

This, paired with their wide network of production facilities, makes them well-suited for both small and large-scale brands that need a flexible and accommodating clothing partner. The company provides support from the design stage to the end of production, which includes assisting with aspects such as custom labeling, tagging, and packaging.

Furthermore, Garment Agency Vietnam is known to be very transparent with their production process, as they typically send out high-resolution pictures and videos to ensure that you are kept up-to-date until the products are shipped out.


  • Skilled in knitwear and woven garments
  • Provides full transparency during production
  • Affordable product pricing


  • No product images on site
  • No ready-made garments available

Acquire Well-Crafted Woven And Knitwear Clothing From Garment Agency Vietnam >>>

Maxport Limited - Reputable Clothing Manufacturer of Premium Lifestyle and Sports Apparel


Since its establishment in 1995, Maxport Limited has grown into a huge clothing manufacturer that primarily focuses on supplying brands with premium lifestyle and sports apparel in bulk. Some of the main products and services that they offer include seam sealing, down & padding, soft-shell, sew-free, and more.

The company has five factories and over 7,000 employees, which means that it can easily handle extremely large-scale orders with minimal difficulty. This, mixed with their strong attention to detail, highly skilled technicians, and constant development of new clothing technologies, makes them an innovative partner that can fulfill any order in a dependable and timely manner.

The manufacturer is also a strong advocate of fair and ethical labor practices, which is why it is a popular choice among many notable brands, some of which include Gymshark, Nike, and Asics, just to name a few.


  • Innovative clothing manufacturer
  • Bulk production capable
  • Follows fair and ethical labor practices


  • No information on product prices
  • High MOQs

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Fashion Garments (FGL) - Top Choice for Ready-Made Wholesale Custom Garments


With 8 manufacturing facilities and a capacity of producing over 7 million pieces per month, FGL is a leading supplier of wholesale custom-made garments for men and women. Some of the main products they typically produce for their clients include crew necks, t-shirts, polos, henley, hoodies, pullovers, jackets, leggings, and more.

The company handles everything in-house, which means aspects like embellishments and finishing will not be outsourced. On top of that, they have managed to build long-lasting relationships with several suppliers within the region. As a result, they can consistently source quality fabrics in the shortest time, and by doing so, they provide shorter lead times for their clients.

Plus, FGL's extensive team of highly skilled industry professionals has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in the wholesale niche. As such, the manufacturer can be counted on to ensure that quality standards are always maintained on each order.


  • Experts in wholesale custom clothing
  • Fast product lead times


  • High order minimums
  • Lack of pricing information on the site

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Advantages of Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers

There are several reasons why Vietnam is a popular country for many reputable brands that are looking to source quality garments. For starters, Vietnam clothing factories have always done well to provide premium quality garments at reasonable prices. This is primarily due to production costs in Vietnam being highly competitive because their labor costs are low, compared to most other countries.

On top of that, Vietnam clothing companies have a lot of experience when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing different types of fabrics, clothing patterns, and accessories. This paired with the fact that most of these manufacturers place a heavy emphasis on quality control and you can be confident that the garments will be consistently satisfactory, as per the client’s expectations.

Another advantage of opting to work with a Vietnam-based clothing factory is that the country is a politically stable nation, which means that it promotes a very favorable business environment. Moreover, the country has signed many free trade agreements and is no longer restrictive when it comes to foreign investment. Consequently, this has resulted in some of the largest and most reputable apparel companies opening factories there.

In addition, Vietnam-based manufacturers are well-known for having a fast ‘speed to market’ rate, which means that they can be relied upon to produce your orders and have them delivered promptly. This is also why many larger retail giants tend to have long-lasting relationships with Vietnam manufacturers, as they can consistently supply bulk clothing with minimal difficulty.

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Vietnamese manufacturers are often able to handle a large number of bulk clothing orders but this also happens to be one of their biggest failings, as most of these companies only accept large orders of at least 1,000 pieces. This makes them a poor choice, especially for small brands that need to find a manufacturer with flexible MOQs.

Moreover, Vietnam’s logistical network is not as developed as those in most other countries like China. Also, Vietnamese shipping ports can often be overcrowded, which can lead to having to experience delays when getting your products delivered on time in a consistent manner. This is why many brands often prefer to work with offshore manufacturers such as Appareify, instead.

With China being a more established and stable manufacturing region, this enables Appareify to offer better logistical efficiency, which ensures that your products are always made and delivered within the expected timeframe. They also provide a wide range of production services such as OEM, cut-and-sew, private labeling, etc.


Plus, they typically utilize organic, biodegradable and recycled fabrics, which ensures that all their products are ethically sourced. As a result, they can be counted on to deliver on any specific design or fabric requirements that you may need to launch your clothing brand.


Vietnam is undoubtedly a premier destination for garment manufacturing, as a vast majority of brands often source their products from factories based there. Most of these companies have highly skilled workforces, can cater to numerous niches, and are extremely cost-effective to work with.

This comprehensive list should help speed up the process of finding the perfect fit for your brand but do keep in mind that these are not the only viable options worth considering. You may also consider checking out what other clothing manufacturers like Appareify can offer.

After all, sourcing garments from companies based in countries like China has fewer drawbacks than those in Vietnam. Plus, it is always prudent to explore what other markets can offer your business first before making a final decision.

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