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An Experienced Manufacturer of High-Quality Embossed Hoodies

An Experienced Manufacturer of High-Quality Embossed Hoodies

As an experienced and visionary embossed hoodie manufacturer, Appareify is the trustworthy collaborator your brand deserves. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in professional hoodie manufacturing.

Irrespective if you are looking to scale your business or to maximize your customers’ loyalty, we pair expertise with advanced manufacturing techniques, bringing the best quality hoodies to your customer.

An Experienced Manufacturer of High-Quality Embossed Hoodies
Appareify's Hoodie Lineup Is Made for All Wearers

Appareify's Hoodie Lineup Is Made for All Wearers

Combining modern manufacturing processes with the skills of our team of experts, we are bringing to you our full lineup of hoodies, ready for everyone to wear!

Appareify's Hoodie Lineup Is Made for All Wearers
Fashionable & Comfortable, With Our Embossed Hoodie
Fashionable & Comfortable, With Our Embossed Hoodie

Fashionable & Comfortable, With Our Embossed Hoodie

  • 3D Textured Print

    With a specially designed 3D texture, this lineup of sweaters ensures a refined bold dash of personality. Combining close attention to detail and pristine execution, our embossed hoodies are a must-have piece for people looking for a special style.

  • Custom-Made

    As highly experienced embossed hoodie manufacturers, we are proud to state that we are ready to create your fully customizable embossed hoodies. Tailored to fit your brand's image and requirements with your own logos and symbols, we completely adapt these products to your vision.

  • Love For Layering

    Styling-wise, these embossed hoodies are the right option for a layered look. Highly fashionable, uber versatile, and season-transitional, these logo or symbol hoodies are perfect to be worn under a sweater or wool coat, ensuring an effortless fit.

How We Make the Best Embossed Hoodie

Here’s why working with Appareify offers a different manufacturing experience:

Premium Quality Check-Ups

Premium Quality Check-Ups

Here at Appareify, we found the right balance between strict quality control procedures and fashion choices to deliver lavish quality with unparalleled style and designs.

Sustainable Fashion Choices

Sustainable Fashion Choices

Our eco-friendly practices are reflected in our sustainably sourced top-tier quality fabrics. Work together with Appareify, your brand is contributing to a greener future for the fashion industry.

Advanced Embossing Equipment

Advanced Embossing Equipment

We understand the need for efficiency and quality in the fashion industry, our modern embossing equipment allows for maximum levels of efficiency while consistently maintaining high quality.

Team of Experts

Team of Experts

Our team of dedicated professionals leads the way toward mastering hoodie embossing. Our experienced and trained craftsmen are committed to delivering the best quality embossed hoodies.

Low MOQ Policy

Low MOQ Policy

Appareify caters to all-size businesses by promoting a low MOQ policy to reduce inventory pressure and hidden production costs for all of our clients, especially for fashion startups.

Our Hoodie Production Services & Various Hoodie Finishes

Private Label HoodiesPrivate Label Hoodies

Catering to your own brand’s identity as a private label hoodie manufacturer, Appareify offers fully customizable labeling services for your collection of sweatshirts.

Premium Cut & Sew HoodiesPremium Cut & Sew Hoodies

Speaking to your business needs, our cut-and-sew techniques provide the best rapport between functionality and personalizing your hoodie order to your unique vision.

Velvet HoodiesVelvet Hoodies

Lavish, luxurious to the touch, and fashionably stylish, our collection of velvet hoodies is perfect for individuals looking for a unique and trendy appearance.

Grid HoodiesGrid Hoodies

The ultimate layering fashionable piece grid hoodies are designed for increased functionality and unbeatable aesthetics, exceeding your clientele's expectations.

Mesh HoodiesMesh Hoodies

Adding a dash of edginess to any outfit, our mesh hoodie collections are highly versatile and transition wonderfully from edgy chic to casual comfort.

How to Place Embossed Hoodie Order from Appareify?

Appareify is effectively handling every aspect of your order, from the time of placement to packaging and delivery. Here is how we make that happen.


Plan Your Order

We put in all our best efforts to check every single one of your requirements, special needs, and unique designs at the order planning stage.


Expert Selection of Fabrics


Specialized Embossed Dies


Sample Verification


Order Production & Secure Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are Available At Appareify To Make Embossed Hoodies?

Cotton/Polyester/Cotton & Polyester Blend: Breathable and soft on the skin, cotton is a common natural fiber, ideal for daily wear. While polyester is wrinkle-resistant and highly durable, our cotton and polyester blend ensures moisture-resistant characteristics, while providing air circulation, turning it into the perfect fabric combination for intense activities.

Fleece: Lightweight on the skin and insulating, fleeced embossed hoodies make for a perfect addition during the autumn-winter seasons. Synthetic fiber is highly durable so it makes for one of the most used fabrics.

Organic Cotton: Created without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, our eco-friendly cotton is sustainably sourced, providing hypoallergenic properties, and ensuring coziness and versatility.

Can I determine the colors and sizes of embossed hoodies for my business?

Does Appareify offer international shipping for embossed hoodie orders?

Premium Embossed Hoodie Manufacturing Ensured By Appareify

🥇 Distinctive embossed hoodies

Unique designs & highly functional

👨‍🔬 Experienced R&D team

Professionals with skills

🤩 Advance techniques

Maximum production efficiency

🕵️ Unparalleled QC standards

No compromises on quality

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