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Appareify: Oversized Hoodie Manufacturer That Gives You Full Control

Appareify: Oversized Hoodie Manufacturer That Gives You Full Control

Oversized hoodies are a massive trend, and your business should sell this popular clothing item. If you don’t know where to look for oversized hoodies, Appareify works with different budgets and caters to small-batch orders. Contact us to learn more about our oversized hoodie manufacturing services.

Appareify: Oversized Hoodie Manufacturer That Gives You Full Control
Why Our Oversized Hoodies?
Why Our Oversized Hoodies?

Why Our Oversized Hoodies?

There are many reasons why you should choose Appareify’s hoodies, such as:

  • Easy to style

    Our oversized hoodies are easy to rock–your customers just have to throw them on over any outfit.

  • Suits all body types

    Everyone looks amazing in an oversized hoodie!

  • Warm and cozy

    If the weather is too cold, all your customers must do is layer an oversized hoodie over a sweater or jacket.

  • Dress up or down

    Our oversized hoodie can be appropriate for school or the office.

  • Easy to maintain

    Our hoodies are durable and can be washed and dried with similar-colored items.

Why Appareify Is Your Ideal Manufacturer for Oversized Hoodies?

If you’re looking for an oversized hoodie manufacturer, Appareify should be your pick. We offer these benefits:

  • Work with your needs

    Work with your needs

    Appareify will work with your unique needs to ensure you receive the perfect oversized hoodies. We offer private labeling, OEM, and cut and sew. Let us know if you need more customizations in your order.

  • Budget-friendly


    Oversized hoodies shouldn’t be expensive. Even with our high-quality fabrics and all-in-one production process, we aim to make our services affordable. We believe that fashion businesses shouldn’t make a significant investment to sell quality clothing.

  • Premium fabric

    Premium fabric

    We offer various fabric types, from organic cotton to bamboo. Appareify sources the finest quality fabric, making our hoodies long-lasting and durable. Our fabric is also machine washable and easy to maintain.

  • Eco-friendly


    We’re a sustainable-certified business. Our production process is planet-forward, and we use biodegradable fabrics.

  • Expedited turnaround

    Expedited turnaround

    You can expect your package in 7-20 days. We also offer three-day delivery for rush orders.

  • Variety of hoodies

    Variety of hoodies

    We can create different types of hoodies for men, women, and kids, including pullover hoodies, velvet hoodies, sports hoodies, etc.

How Appareify Works

When you decide that Appareify is the perfect oversized hoodie manufacturer, here’s the process you can expect:


Contact us

Get started by filling out our contact form.


Plan your collection


Review the prototype


Produce your collection


Production process


Receive your oversized hoodies

Choose Appareify as Your Oversized Hoodie Manufacturer

🚀 Fast turnaround time

Orders finished in 7-20 days

📏 Suits Everyone

Designed for all body types

💲 Affordable

Appareify works with all budgets

🚚 Variety offered

Men, women, kids, diverse styles

Contact us

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke apparel needs. You can email us at [email protected] or use the form here.