Hemp T-Shirts Manufacturer

Hemp T-Shirts Manufacturer

Shop Eco-Friendly T-Shirts from Hemp

Shop Eco-Friendly T-Shirts from Hemp

A great eco-friendly alternative to standard cotton t-shirts, eco-friendly hemp t-shirts are stylish and sustainable.

At Appareify, we offer an amazing selection of fully customizable hemp t-shirts that come in a variety of on-trend styles, perfect for adding to your clothing line.

Shop Eco-Friendly T-Shirts from Hemp
Brand Your Hemp T-Shirts with Our Private Labeling Service

Brand Your Hemp T-Shirts with Our Private Labeling Service

If you’re searching for the perfect way to add branded hemp t-shirts to your clothing collection without investing too much, Appareify is here to help.

We offer an all-inclusive private labeling service that allows you to easily craft the perfect custom branded hemp pieces to add to your clothing collection.

Reasons to Choose Appareify as Your Hemp T-Shirt Manufacturer

  • We’re Eco-Friendly

    We’re Eco-Friendly

    All of our practices are eco-friendly and sustainable from start to finish, from the fabrics and materials that we source to our production processes.

  • We Offer Unlimited Customization

    We Offer Unlimited Customization

    You can unleash your creativity with Appareify by choosing the fabrics, colors, patterns, labels, and more that go into each and every custom design.

  • We Keep Up on Trend

    We Keep Up on Trend

    Our designs aren’t limited to classic t-shirts - we carefully research and source styles that are on-trend for the best selection for our customers.

  • We Offer Premium Quality

    We Offer Premium Quality

    Every aspect that goes into our custom hemp t-shirts is carefully weighed against our high quality standards, from fabrics to notions to labels.

  • We Have a Fast Turnaround Time

    We Have a Fast Turnaround Time

    No more waiting ages for your custom designs - we are able to offer quick production timelines to get you your designs as quickly as possible.

  • We Offer a Low MOQ

    We Offer a Low MOQ

    In order to make our products as accessible as possible to all of our customers, we offer low minimum order quantities.

The Process of Getting Your Hemp T-Shirts at Appareify


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Share what types of hemp t-shirts you’re interested in and any other details about customization and manufacturing.


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Production Commences


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Are hemp t-shirts comfortable?

Yes, hemp t-shirts are incredibly comfortable to wear. In fact, these T-shirts will get softer with each wash!

How long do hemp t-shirts last?

What are alternatives to hemp t-shirts?

Give Your Brand a Boost with Hemp T-Shirts by Appareify

💯 High Quality

Excellent materials and advanced technology

🎉 Multiple Styles

Covering both classic and fashionable options

🎨 Fully Customizable

Private label and OEM services available

⚡ Fast delivery

In-house manufacturing with shorter waiting time

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