Top 10 Jean Manufacturers

Top 10 Jean Manufacturers

If you’re considering establishing a denim clothing collection or are an established brand looking to expand your existing line, working with jean manufacturers is a great way to get started.

In working with a clothing manufacturer that is specialized or experienced in denim clothing and jeans, you can save valuable time and money in the process thanks to their established networks, factories, and skilled workforce.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best denim jeans manufacturers in 2023 to consider working with.

  1. Appareify - Best Overall for Customized Jeans and Denim Wear in China
  2. AEL Apparel - Best Choice for Trendy Custom Jeans and Denim Clothing
  3. Texas Jeans - Best Workwear Jeans Manufacturer in USA
  4. Blue Age Denim - Ideal for Trendy and Affordable Jeans for Young Adults
  5. Kuzgunlar - Top Choice for Vintage Style Jeans
  6. Ro & Ritzy - Best Sustainable Jeans Manufacturer for Denim Shirts and Jackets
  7. Maya Jeans - Perfect for Women’s Jeans that Flatter Different Body Types
  8. NTC Jeans - Best for Denim Jeans with Good Design
  9. Denim Vistara - Top Choice for College Students’ Jeans
  10. Grupo Denim - Quality Denim Manufacturer with a Wide Range of Styles and Sizes

The Best 10 Denim Jeans Manufacturers

Appareify - Best Overall for Customized Jeans and Denim Wear


Ideal for any clothing entrepreneur who is looking to bring their fashion-forward clothing ideas to life, Appareify is a denim manufacturer that offers an unmatched selection of denim wear and jeans for men, women, and children to choose from.

Appareify is a China-based manufacturer with over two decades of experience in producing jeans and denim wear. They have a team of professionals and advanced machines that make it easy to realize any jeans design, no matter how complex. The company also employs strict quality control at every stage of production to ensure that all the jeans you receive are of high quality.

In addition, Appareify offers a wide range of customization options. You can choose to have them cut and sew your own design of jeans or take advantage of their private label service. Unlike white labels, private label jeans services allow you to choose the fabric, color, and label type of your jeans, and even add your own logo or desired pattern to them.

You don't have to worry about pricing at Appareify because they offer reasonable prices for each order and even incredible discounts for bulk orders. They also have an impressive turnaround time of just 7-20 business days. For urgent orders, they can even fulfill them within 3 days.

More importantly, Appareify is committed to sustainable production practices. This ensures that you are not only getting quality jeans, but also contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.


  • Wide selection of styles
  • Affordable pricing
  • Sustainable production practices
  • Fast production timelines
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Renowned team of experts


  • Based in China, shipping times may be longer

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AEL Apparel - Best Choice for Trendy Custom Jeans and Denim Clothing

The perfect partner for any customer who is interested in starting a jean company or a denim clothing store, AEL Apparel offers all-inclusive service from start to finish in the production of trendy customized jeans and denim wear for men and women.

Operating with a 'fashion-first' mindset, AEL Apparel also offers a wide selection of on-trend styles that are affordably priced and can be produced quickly and efficiently.

In addition to a great price point and quick service, this denim jeans maker also offers fully-sustainable practices, with ethically-sourced materials and a focus on sustainability within their denim manufacturing processes.


    • Great selection of styles
    • Wholesale prices for bulk order
    • Sustainable production practices and materials
    • Quick production timelines Flexible MOQs


    • Factory inspections may be difficult due to geographical distance

Shop with AEL Apparel for trendy customized jeans and denim wear

Texas Jeans - Best Workwear Jeans Manufacturer in USA


For anyone that is interested in tapping into the workwear jeans market, there is no better partner than Texas Jeans. It is one of the most famous denim manufacturers in USA. Their American-made denim jeans are durable, timeless, and affordable.

While Texas Jeans is inclusive of all ages and genders, its primary focus is on men’s workwear jeans, with a selection of styles that cater to any rugged profession. Texas Jeans also offers a collection of activewear, jackets, shorts, and other classic pieces that are perfect for building out any clothing collection.


  • Timeless styles
  • High level of durability
  • 45+ years of experience
  • Fast shipping and production times


  • Limited selection of styles

Shop with Texas Jeans for made in USA denim workwear jeans.

Blue Age Denim - Ideal for Trendy and Affordable Jeans for Young Adults


A youthful jeans manufacturer located in Los Angeles, California, Blue Age Denim is a great choice for trendy and affordable jeans for young adults and youths. This denim jeans manufacturer has a great selection of fashion-forward styles and updates their catalog quarterly, allowing customers to stay up on the latest trends without much effort.

Blue Age Denim also offers clients lightning-fast handling and shipping times, with most orders being dispatched within 36 hours of being placed.


  • Great selection of trendy styles for men and women
  • Fast order handling and shipping speed
  • Competitive shipping fees


  • Limited collection due to focus on the younger market

Shop with Blue Age Denim for trendy and affordable jeans.

Kuzgunlar - Top Choice for Vintage Style Jeans


Kuzgunlar owns and operates multiple jean factories with a high production output that results in shorter production lead times. They handle everything in-house, from modeling to sampling and sewing to washing, making them a great partner for any customer who’s looking to partner with a denim jean manufacturer.

This denim jeans manufacturer offers a huge selection of styles that are a mix of vintage-inspired and fashion-forward. They also employ a dedicated team that focuses on keeping up with the latest trends, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in the styles that they offer.


  • Wide variety of styles for men and women
  • Shorter production lead times


  • Limited collection of styles available to review prior to contacting
  • Shipping times can be longer than other manufacturers

Shop with Kuzgunlar for vintage style jeans.

Ro & Ritzy - Best Sustainable Jeans Manufacturer for Denim Shirts and Jackets


If you’re looking to add denim shirts and jackets to your upcoming clothing line, Ro & Ritzy is a great partner to consider. This denim manufacturer offers a great selection of denim shirts and denim jackets for men and women as well as a small collection of kidswear styles.

Additionally, Ro & Ritzy practices fully sustainable production processes and offers eco-friendly fabrics, making it a great option for any environmentally conscious customer.


  • Sustainable production practices
  • Eco-friendly fabric options
  • Low minimum order quantity


  • Limited collection of styles to choose from

Shop with Ro & Ritzy for sustainable denim shirts and jackets.

Maya Jeans - Perfect for Women’s Jeans that Flatter Different Body Types


With over 20 years of in-depth experience in denim jeans manufacturing, Maya Jeans is a great option to consider when founding a denim clothing line. This jean factory offers a wide selection of styles for women of all different shapes and body types, which makes it an ideal partner for anyone founding an inclusive clothing line.

Maya Jeans is also an OEM and ODM service provider, offering competitive pricing with high-quality results that are great for small business owners and large retailers alike.


  • Wide range of inclusive styles
  • OEM / ODM service provider
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing


  • May have longer production lead times on products

Shop with Maya Jeans for top-quality jeans for women.

NTC Jeans - Best for Denim Jeans with Good Design


Established over 50 years ago, NTC Jeans is one of the most experienced denim jeans manufacturers in the business. This jean company offers unmatched quality with a focus on providing high-end products while also being environmentally conscious throughout the process from start to finish.

On top of their high-quality pieces and eco-conscious production processes, NTC Jeans also offers luxury denim garments manufacturing, making them an ideal partner for any fashion line that is looking for a range of products to add to their collection.


  • Inclusive styles for both men and women
  • Standard and luxury level options
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Eco-friendly practices


  • Limited range of styles available to view
  • Longer lead times for production

Shop with NTC Jeans for well-designed denim jeans.

Denim Vistara - Top Jean Manufacturer for College Students’ Jeans


For the individual looking to create more youthful, on-trend denim jeans styles for college students, Denim Vistara is a great choice. This jeans maker specializes in affordable, fashion-forward styles with a great selection of denim fabrics and silhouettes for men, women, and children alike.

In addition to youthful denim jeans, Vistara also offers a collection of shirts, jackets, accessories, and more to complete your custom denim clothing collection.


  • Great selection of youthful styles
  • Affordable price point
  • Wide variety of fabrics


  • Focus on trendier styles may limit options for your custom denim collection

Shop with Denim Vistara for college students' jeans.

Grupo Denim - Quality Denim Manufacturer with a Wide Range of Styles and Sizes


With over 60 years in denim jeans manufacturing, Grupo Denim is one of the most experienced jeans companies to partner with on your denim clothing collection. Grupo Denim offers an amazing range of styles for men, women, and children, ranging from classic denim pieces to high-quality workwear.

In addition, Grupo Denim owns and operates multiple jean factories with high output levels to minimize production times. Each factory offers a wide selection of unique techniques and processes to best customize each denim clothing piece.


  • Over 60 years of experience in the industry
  • Wide selection of styles for men, women, and children
  • Fast production time
  • Sustainable processes


  • Shipping times may be longer if outside of North and South America

Shop with Grupo Denim for variety styles of denim jeans.

Want to Find More Jeans Manufacturers?

For any new and upcoming fashion company, getting started in the industry can be a challenge. That’s where a jeans manufacturer can help - they can take the guesswork out of getting started and help you skip right to the finish line by offering start-to-finish support and on-trend styles that you can customize to fit your brand.

It’s important to do your research on different jean manufacturers before you get started working with one. Here are a few ways to research on your own:

  • Online via search engines and online directories
  • Via social media and social media groups (ex: Facebook Groups)

What to Consider When Choosing a Jeans Factory

When thinking about partnering with a denim jeans manufacturer, there are a few key considerations to think about.

The Manufacturing Facilities

When looking for a jean factory, be sure to look closely at the production facilities to make sure they have what you need, both in terms of production volume and the specific skills needed to make your custom jeans.

The Experience of the Jeans Manufacturer

Choose a jean company with a long-standing, great reputation in the business to secure the success that your business needs.

The Fabric Quality

Fabric quality is always important for denim garments and jeans, and when choosing denim manufacturers, look carefully at fabric quality. Choose a jean factory that has high-quality fabrics to ensure that your product is of the highest quality and will last for years to come.

The Accessory Options

The accessory options a jean factory offers can make or break your denim pieces. Whether it’s studs or a specific type of stitching, make sure that the factory has the accessories that you want and the capability to use them before you decide to work with them.

The Cost to Produce

One of the most important parts of picking a jeans manufacturer is making sure that they are within your budget. Take a close look at the cost for each piece to make sure that everything is in line with what you have allocated to spend.

The Production Lead Time

Finally, it’s always important to consider how long the jeans factory will take to produce your pieces. Make sure that the denim manufacturer can produce your pieces within the timeline that you need before you decide to work with them.

Start Your Own Denim Jeans Clothing Collection with Appareify

Searching for the most experienced clothing manufacturers but don't know how to find the best clothing manufacturer? Worry no more. Appareify can help you build your custom clothing brand with the latest styles.

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