Best Hoodie Wholesalers: Start Your Hoodie Business Here

Best Hoodie Wholesalers: Start Your Hoodie Business Here

With s treetwear and athleisure styles gaining more traction, hoodies have quickly become staples in many modern wardrobes. Their versatility and comfort make them perfect clothing for people of all ages and backgrounds. For this reason, hoodies are a popular item businesses can offer as merchandise for huge profits and sales.

However, sourcing quality hoodies at reasonable prices can be a hassle. That's where hoodie wholesalers come in - their specialty is providing bulk orders at mouth-watering discounted prices.

In this guide, we'll look at the top hoodie wholesalers in the market while considering factors like quality, price, and customization options. Whether you're a small business owner or a more prominent retailer, this article will help you discover the best hoodie wholesaler to boost your profits and meet your needs.

  1. Appareify - Best Quality Wholesale Hoodie Supplier Overall
  2. AEL Apparel - Best Wholesale Hoodie Vendor With Multiple Customization Options
  3. Alphabroder - America’s Leading Vendors for Hoodies
  4. ShirtSpace - Wholesaler of Affordable Blank Hoodie
  5. Wordans - An International Wholesale Vendor for Athletic Hoodies
  6. Clothing Authority - Stand Out for a Distribution Network of Over 10 Warehouses
  7. US Blanks - Perfect for Quality Hoodies Wholesale With 100% Organic Cotton
  8. The Adair Group - One of the Cheapest Blank Sweatshirt & Hoodie Wholesalers
  9. Independent Trading Company - Best Wholesale Quality Hoodies With Over 60 Styles & Colors
  10. Delta Apparel - Features Well-Stocked Blank Imprintable Hoodies

10 Best Hoodie Wholesalers

Appareify - Best Quality Wholesale Hoodie Supplier Overall

Appareify is a top-tier clothing manufacturer dedicated to operating a sustainable business. They prioritize eco-friendliness by producing our products from biodegradable materials and fabrics such as linen and bamboo.

Their commitment to sustainability extends to their specialty in crafting ethical and sustainable hoodies. Despite the affordability, their hoodies are of the highest quality, and they never compromise on the materials or workmanship. You can trust Appareify to offer the best quality hoodies at excellent discounted prices, suitable for all budgets.

Even if you have specific hoodie requirements, Appareify's professional team will follow them to the end. Their team of skilled designers, R&D professionals, and craftsmen will ensure every detail becomes a reality beyond your expectations.

What's more? Appareify is fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery. For this reason, they can produce anything from basic garments to the most intricate designs.


  • Appareify can create unique bespoke hoodie designs based on your requests
  • The company creates its hoodies from the finest quality fabrics
  • They offer one of the lowest minimum order quantities in the apparel market
  • Their experts are always round the clock offering personalized support


  • Custom clothing may take more time than private label clothing

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AEL Apparel: Best Wholesale Hoodie Vendor With Multiple Customization Options

AEL Apparel is a China-based clothing manufacturer renowned for its exquisite cut & sew technology, superb embroidery finishes, and impressive printing sublimation equipment. Hence, they specialize in crafting and creating unique custom-made hoodies that meet your every fashion idea and need.

Additionally, they are one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers in China, delivering and shipping to US clothing wholesalers, custom hoodie vendors and retailers in European countries, and other fashion brands across the globe.

AEL Apparel is a clothing manufacturer that’s keen on the environment. Thus, they produce highly sustainable and eco-friendly hoodies that remove waste from the supply chain. Plus, AEL also focuses on 100% organic cotton hoodies.

Another advantage of partnering with AEL Apparel is their free professional support—helping clients globally to make the right decisions regarding ideas and production.


  • MOQ requirement of 100 pieces
  • 100% organic cotton hoodies
  • Impressive technology and machinery
  • Ship orders globally


  • On-site inspection difficult for overseas clients

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Alphabroder - America’s Leading Vendors for Hoodies

Alphabroder is a well-established hoodie wholesaler offering a good range of quality products for businesses. They have been in the industry for over 100 years, which helped the company establish a strong reputation for reliability and quality.


Their hoodie selection includes various styles, colors, and sizes, providing options for adults and children. More importantly, Alphabroder offers hoodies from popular brands like Hanes, Gildan, and Jerzees, which are famous for their durability and quality.

Alphabroder is also on the sustainability trend, offering eco-friendly hoodies from recycled materials. One of their well-known sustainable products is the Alternative Eco-Jersey hoodie, an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The company also offers fast shipping and competitive pricing, making them a convenient supplier for all business sizes.


  • Alphabroder offers years of experience
  • They're dedicated to fast fulfillment, decoration, and shipping
  • The company's website offers helpful resources to help you make informed purchases


  • The website may feel overloaded with information

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ShirtSpace - Wholesaler of Affordable Blank Hoodie

What's better than insanely low MOQs? No MOQs, and ShirtSpace excels in that area Shirtspace is a hoodie wholesaler offering various high-quality hoodies at competitive prices. They've been around for 15 years, making them reputable suppliers in the wholesale garment market.


The company's catalogs showcase various hoodie styles, including zip-up and pullover hoodies. Shirtspace also offers more fashion-forward options like oversized and cropped hoodies.

They also don't joke with quality. ShirtSpace provides comfortable, quality hoodies from brands like Bella+Canvas, Independent Trading Company, and Next Level.

One of ShirtSpace's standout features is its low prices. They offer quantity discounts on all their products, meaning the more hoodies you order, the lower the cost per item. As a result, ShirtSpace is an excellent choice if you're looking for bulk hoodie quantities at low prices.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • The website is easy to navigate


  • Small-order businesses may not reap the full discount benefits

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Wordans - An International Wholesale Vendor for Athletic Hoodies

When it comes to premium textile wholesalers, you can't go wrong with Wordans. Thanks to their excellent relationships with suppliers and partners, you can order high-quality athletic hoodies in bulk and enjoy discounted prices.


In addition to their competitive wholesale prices, Wordan offers a hoodie collection designed with comfort and durability at the forefront. They provide different styles ranging from zip-ups to hoodies without pockets.

They also specialize in customization services for their hoodies, allowing you to add logos and other designs. This option makes Wordans popular for sports teams or organizations looking to create custom apparel.


  • They have over 40 brands available on their website
  • Wordans provides customizable blank hoodies
  • Discounts available on bulk orders
  • Impressive hoodie variety


  • Customer service may be slow to respond and less than optimal

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Clothing Authority - Stand Out for a Distribution Network of Over 10 Warehouses

Clothing Authority is well-known in the hoodie wholesaling business and has provided top-quality items for many years. The company built a reputation for its excellent customer service and quality, making it one of the most trusted wholesalers for business.


They offer various hoodie styles, colors, and sizes to meet diverse customer preferences. Clothing Authority has something for everyone, whether looking for classic pullovers, zip-ups, or lightweight hoodies.

More importantly, the company centers around providing the best possible prices. They work directly with manufacturers to ensure all prices stay low, meaning you can get high-quality hoodies at fantastic wholesale prices.


  • The company has a team of knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives
  • High-quality products at affordable prices
  • Wide variety of hoodies


  • You must contact Clothing Authority for cancellations, returns, and exchanges policy

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US Blanks - Perfect for Quality Hoodies Wholesale With 100% Organic Cotton

US Blanks strongly believes in the superiority of American-made products. Producing goods domestically allows for better quality control, faster turnaround times, and more significant contributions to the local economy.


As a responsible manufacturer, US Blanks ensures its workers receive fair treatment and decent wages. Furthermore, the company offers its employees comprehensive benefits and 401k options, demonstrating its commitment to providing a supportive workplace.

When sourcing and manufacturing products locally, US Blanks significantly minimizes the environmental footprint of each item. As a result, you can get high-quality and sustainable hoodies for an eco-friendly business.


  • US Blanks is committed to sustainability and ethical work practices
  • They provide high-quality blank hoodies
  • The company makes everything locally


  • A lot of negative reviews regarding work management

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The Adair Group - One of the Cheapest Blank Sweatshirt & Hoodie Wholesalers

The Adair Group is a wholesale apparel supplier based in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been in business for over 50, building a solid reputation for high-quality products and responsive customer service. Among its many offerings, the Adair group is a leading supplier of wholesale hoodies.


They have an extensive inventory of hoodies ranging from classic pullover designs to trendy zip-up styles. The Adair Group also offers hoodies in different materials like cotton, polyester, and blends, resulting in various durable and comfortable items.

One of Adair Group's standout features is its competitive pricing. The company sources its products directly from manufacturers in large numbers, allowing them to enjoy significant discounts. In turn, they pass on the savings to their clients by offering products at significantly lower prices.


  • Quick and reliable shipping with a streamlined process
  • Very competitive prices
  • They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff


  • Orders may not come in protective packaging

Looking For High-Quality Hoodies? See What The Adair Group Has to Offer!

Independent Trading Company - Best Wholesale Quality Hoodies With Over 60 Styles & Colors

Since 1987, Independent Trading Company has been rooted in the action sports industry. They have established themselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality custom and blank apparel for brands and screen printers worldwide.


Their collection of blanks includes the fan-favorite hoodie available in over 60 styles and various colors. More importantly, Independent Trading Company makes all its styles from premium fabrics that look exceptional when printed or embellished.

Independent Trading Company maintains extensive at-once inventories in California and Pennsylvania. They also have distributors throughout Canada, Australia, Brazil, the UK, Mexico, the USA, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Germany.


  • They focus on providing clients with the highest quality products
  • Independent offers a large inventory of blank apparel
  • They also do custom apparel manufacturing


  • Shipping and delivery may be slower than the estimated date

Find Out Why Independent Trading Company Is a Top Choice for Quality Hoodies!


  • J. America ensures they create all products in safe and ethical working conditions
  • Exceptional customer service with a stress-free buying experience
  • Provides hoodies of the highest quality and fine details
  • Affordable prices


  • Sizes may vary slightly

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Delta Apparel - Features Well-Stocked Blank Imprintable Hoodies

Delta Apparel's dedication lies in producing high-quality blank apparel offering exceptional printability for promotional product suppliers and screen printers. They focus on crafting comfortable fabrics with various silhouettes and styles for youth and adults.


The company uses its industry-leading color palette to provide businesses with exceptional value, innovation, and consistency at competitive prices. As part of its commitment to global sustainability, Delta Apparel offers hoodies made from recycled polyester, a rarity in the entire industry.


  • Delta Apparel provides excellent and responsive customer service
  • They only provide eco-friendly products
  • The company utilizes cutting-edge technology and premium-quality materials


  • Sizing and fitting may have slight issues

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What to Look Out for When Buying Hoodies in Bulk?

Here are some factors to consider when buying hoodies in bulk:


This factor mostly depends on the chosen fabric. Cotton is the top material for casual occasion hoodies because of its excellent breathability and quality. However, cotton hoodies may be unsuitable for athletic use because they don't absorb moisture effectively.

In contrast, polyester is a superior choice for athletic hoodies. It has excellent moisture-wicking properties and high breathability. However, polyester hoodies may not provide as much warmth as cotton ones.


If you're not purchasing athletic hoodies, warmth should be the next priority after breathability. You'll have to consider factors like fabric and weave quality.

While cotton hoodies generally provide better heat retention and tighter weaves, polyester variants may have looser weaving and fail to trap body heat.


One last factor to consider when purchasing hoodies in bulk is softness. In this regard, cotton stands at the top as the softest fabric for wholesale hoodies.

What Are Popular Types of Hoodies for Your Business?

Here are some of the popular hoodie types you can stock up on for your business:

Pullover Hoodies

These are the most common type of hoodies and are well-known for their loose and comfortable fit. Pullover hoodies have a hood with drawstrings the wearer can adjust for a better fit.

Also, pullover hoodies come with front kangaroo pockets providing additional warmth for the wearer's hands or storing small items.

Zip-Up Hoodies

As the name implies, zip-up hoodies have a zipper down the front, making them easy to wear and take off. Usually, they feature hoods with drawstrings and front pockets similar to pullover variants.

Additionally, the zipper allows the wearer to adjust the ventilation and warmth level, making the hoodie versatile for changing weather conditions.

Sleeveless Hoodies

Also known as "vests" or "muscle" hoodies, these sleeveless styles provide a more athletic look. Usually, they also feature zip-up fronts and hoods for extra warmth.

In addition to allowing more significant arm movement and freedom, sleeveless hoodies often feature lightweight materials with incredible ventilation and moisture-wicking properties.

Crop Top Hoodies

These hoodies are shorter than traditional variants, with most designs ending above the waistline. Most wearers rock them with high-waisted pants or skirts to create a fashionable look.

Oversized Hoodies

These are popular for their relaxed and loose fit, making them the go-to for casual wear and lounging. Oversized hoodies often feature longer lengths extending beyond the waist and providing a cozy feel.

Where Can I Find Reliable Hoodie Wholesalers?

If you're looking for reliable hoodie wholesalers, you can start your search in several places. Here are some options:

Wholesale Marketplaces

Online wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, DHGate, and Made-in-China are popular places to find hoodie wholesalers. These websites connect buyers with sellers worldwide, and you can search for hoodies by type, material, or price range.

However, remember to exercise caution and carefully evaluate potential suppliers, ensuring they are reliable and legitimate.

Online Directories

Online directories like Wholesale Central and TopTenWholesale provide listings of verified wholesale suppliers for various products, including hoodies.

With these directories, you can search for hoodies according to category, price, and location. Most times, you'll also see reviews and ratings from other buyers.

Trade Events

Attending trade events, like MAGIC in Las Vegas or the Apparel Sourcing USA in New York, is a great way to connect with hoodie wholesalers in person. These events connect suppliers and buyers in the fashion industry, providing an opportunity to network and view product samples.

Social Media Groups and Forums

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the business world. For this reason, personal recommendations can be valuable when searching for reliable hoodie wholesalers.

Social media is one of the best places to connect to other buyers and ask for their opinions and recommendations. You can also ask for direct referrals.

In Closing

Finding the best hoodie wholesalers is crucial for businesses purchasing high-quality hoodies in bulk. Whether you're looking for affordable prices or sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, several wholesalers fit the bill.

This article presented the top wholesalers in the industry ready to satisfy your requirements. However, research and consider price, quality, and ethical standards.


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