Best Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Suppliers

Best Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Suppliers

In recent years, oversized T-shirts have become a popular fashion staple due to their comfortable and relaxed look, making them a must-have in any wardrobe. As a result, selling oversized T-shirts can be a profitable business opportunity, highlighting the importance of finding the right supplier.

From classic cotton to sustainable and eco-friendly options, we've compiled a list of the best wholesale oversized T-shirt suppliers. Our selection includes suppliers known for their high-quality fabrics, stylish designs, and durable construction.

More importantly, these suppliers offer a wide range of oversized T-shirts catering to different styles, sizes, and preferences. By partnering with one of the best wholesale oversized T-shirt suppliers on our list, you can ensure your customers get the best quality and designs they deserve.

10 Best Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Suppliers

Here are ten of the best wholesale oversized T-shirt suppliers you can count on.

  1. Appareify - Best Oversized T-Shirt wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer Overall
  2. AEL Apparel: Expert Oversized T-Shirts Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter in China
  3. Bella+Canvas - A Sustainable Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Supplier in the USA
  4. Continental Clothing - A UK-Based Supplier of Oversized Heavy Jersey T-Shirts
  5. Stanley/Stella - Best Oversized T-Shirts Supplier with Organic Cotton in the EU
  6. Los Angeles Apparel - Suitable for Unisex Oversized Mock-Neck T-Shirts
  7. Asher LA - A Good Choice for Eco-Friendly Oversized Crew-Neck T-Shirts
  8. AS Colour - Expert at Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Oversized T-Shirts
  9. Made Blanks - Feature Oversized Vintage-Styled T-Shirts from 100% Cotton
  10. Alphabroder - Best for Promotional Oversized T-Shirts for All Customized Prints

Appareify - Best Oversized T-Shirt wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer Overall

Appareify takes pride in offering personalized clothing solutions to various businesses and industries. They enable fashion brands to control their products completely, from selecting the fabric to adding intricate details.

Their team is dedicated to bringing your clothing vision to life, and they prioritize sustainability by using biodegradable materials and fabrics, ensuring excellent quality in every piece they create.

Whether you require classic oversized T-shirts or cozy loungewear, Appareify can meet all your clothing needs. Despite their affordable prices, they never compromise on superior quality and only utilize the latest technology and machinery to create intricate designs.


  • One-stop-shop for all your clothing needs
  • Appareify offers personalized support
  • Their MOQ is lower than most suppliers
  • You'll get your orders fast with their impressive turnaround time
  • Appareify supports all businesses


  • Custom designs take slightly longer than private label designs

AEL Apparel: Expert Oversized T-Shirts Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter in China

Are you looking for an oversized T-shirt manufacturer that can customize your orders to meet your desired needs? Look no further because AEL Apparel’s major forte is customization.


As a fashion-first T-shirt manufacturer, AEL Apparel does a great job of producing premium T-shirts with super neat finishings—all thanks to its state-of-the-art cutting & sewing techniques. If you want to add unique embroidery designs to your T-shirts, AEL Apparel can handle it.

Plus, you can create exceptional promotional T-shirts for wears of all sizes with your brand logos, thanks to AEL Apparel’s advanced printing sublimation technology that produces high-res color separation.

AEL Apparel has a team of professionals who take wholesalers through a seamless process of placing orders while offering free consultations, and they are always ready to bring your clothing business to the next level!


  • Multiple customization options
  • Free professional support
  • Produce Sustainable clothing


  • Factory inspection may be challenging

Bella+Canvas - A Sustainable Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Supplier in the USA

Bella+Canvas is a leading supplier of oversized stylish and comfortable T-shirts. They make their collection of oversized tees from high-quality materials and offer various sizes, making them the perfect choice for businesses looking to satisfy their customers with relaxed and trendy looks.


This USA-based supplier builds its business around sustainability and ethical production, ensuring that the oversized T-shirt looks great while positively impacting the environment.

Bella+Canvas produces T-shirts for women, men, and kids. They also have unisex options for gender-neutral brands. With Bella+Canvas, you can order based on the 300+ colors they offer. Regardless of preference, they have the colors for every brand, mood, occasion, and creation.


  • Various customization options
  • Focuses on sustainability
  • Offers a wide range of sizes for oversized T-shirts
  • Prioritizes trendy and stylish designs


  • Limited variety of oversized T-shirts

Continental Clothing - A UK-Based Supplier of Oversized Heavy Jersey T-Shirts

The UK-based supplier, Continental Clothing, deals with oversized T-shirts featuring stylish, comfortable, and sustainable designs. They provide a wide range of products that cater to various preferences and tastes.


Continental Clothing is committed to using eco-friendly materials and production methods, reducing its environmental impact. Also, their oversized tees use high-quality materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, making them soft, durable, and breathable.

Additionally, Continental Clothing offers various sizes for different body types, making its products accessible to customers of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, the supplier sticks to ethical production practices, prioritizing fair labor standards and worker welfare.


  • Strong commitment to sustainability, comfort, style, and ethical production
  • Prioritizes high-quality materials
  • Offers fashionable designs
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Their prices are a little bit expensive
  • Its oversized T-shirts selection may be limited compared to other suppliers

Stanley/Stella - Best Oversized T-Shirts Supplier with Organic Cotton in the EU

Stanley/Stella offers oversized T-shirts as part of their product range. They provide various sizes and designs, including unisex and oversized tees. More importantly, they design all their products to be comfortable and fashionable.


The supplier promotes eco-friendliness by offering products using only sustainable materials. Their oversized T-shirts use premium organic cotton and recycled polyester, supporting the supplier's goals for a lesser environmental impact.

Stanley/Stella refuses to make compromises in their pursuit of excellence. They aim to exceed their achievements in all aspects of their operations. Also, Stanley/Stella continuously explores new approaches to enhance their products and supply chain.


  • Uses only responsible material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and decoration
  • Always ready to embrace innovations
  • Specializes in transparency and authentic communication
  • Multiple sizes (up to 5XL)


  • Although they offer many products, Stanley/Stella's oversized T-shirt selection is limited

Los Angeles Apparel - Suitable for Unisex Oversized Mock-Neck T-Shirts

Los Angeles Apparel's commitment lies in offering something different from fast fashion trends. They prioritize creating long-lasting, high-quality garments to serve as versatile staples in consumers' wardrobes.


The supplier designs its products with comfort, functionality, durability, and sustainability at the forefront. As a result, they only offer timeless and effortless pieces that can fit seamlessly into any daily routine.

Los Angeles Apparel is also at the forefront of promoting ethical production methods. They take pride in recycling almost all their production and shipping waste, like paper boxes, plastic, and scrap fabric.

They also strive to develop innovative products using leftover and scrap fabric, resulting in unique, limited-edition pieces.


  • Committed to supplying quality basics
  • Engages in environmentally-friendly sourcing
  • They control their manufacturing from conception to finish
  • Has a highly-trained workforce


  • Their oversized T-shirts are limited in designs and styles

Asher LA - A Good Choice for Eco-Friendly Oversized Crew-Neck T-Shirts

Asher LA has ingrained meticulous attention to detail into its company's ideals for over three decades. With over 100 employees spanning the knitting mill and sewing factory, the supplier maintains a 100% vertical integration in their production processes.


Asher LA knits, cuts sews, dyes, and presses every garment they supply in their Los Angeles-based warehouse. They also use state-of-the-art knitting machines, ranging from 3 to 44 gauge, for all their products.

With the fashion and textile industry generating over 13 million tons of waste, Asher LA prioritizes taking responsibility for its ecological impact.

The company contributes towards shifting industry standards by utilizing eco-friendly raw materials. They create their apparel from recycled polyester, organic, and recycled cotton.


  • Focused on sustaining an eco-friendly status
  • Offers high-quality blanks at low minimums


  • Customer service may be slow to respond

AS Colour - Expert at Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Oversized T-Shirts

AS Color is an expert at designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality basics. The company dedicates ample time and effort to each product, ensuring it meets its stringent standards. Their philosophy is to supply only the best premium and timeless apparel.

In addition, the company believes in three principles: Maintain quality, stick to the details, and keep it simple. Trade pricing is one of AS Color's unique features. It offers exciting discounted prices for eligible businesses.


  • Bulk pricing available for larger orders
  • High quality is a topmost priority
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Socially responsible supplier
  • Organic range available
  • Offers free shipping on orders over $600


  • Ineligible companies can't enjoy trade pricing discounts

Made Blanks - Feature Oversized Vintage-Styled T-Shirts from 100% Cotton

Made Blanks, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a reputable supplier and manufacturer of top-notch blank apparel. They started the business in 2014 when big-box suppliers could not provide diverse and well-crafted products.


As a result, the company's goal is to consistently enhance the quality and fitting of its essential fashion pieces, helping to translate concepts into finished products.

They offer a distinctive range of silhouettes, fabrics, details, weights, and fits that have undergone years of fine-tuning, resulting in unparalleled creativity.


  • A strong commitment to innovation
  • Years of experience in the fashion industry
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Made Blanks provides unique designs you can't find anywhere else


  • Made Blanks does not offer screen printing or embroidery services

Alphabroder - Best for Promotional Oversized T-Shirts for All Customized Prints

Alphabroder is at the forefront of America's wholesale apparel, promotion products, and printable goods industry. They offer products that help establish/promote brands while supporting noble causes and offering boundless possibilities.


The clothing supplier offers over 6,500 from over 60 renowned brands, encompassing timeless and contemporary items like wholesale T-shirts, fleece, and other products.

Alphabroder understands that its customers need prompt and reliable delivery, resulting in their strategy to give 99% of the US-based businesses two-day shipping periods.


  • Dedicated to quick and reliable delivery
  • Highly trained team of professionals
  • Over 6500+ styles


  • Prompt shipping only available within the US

What to Consider When Choosing Wholesale Oversized T-Shirts Suppliers?

Consider these five essential factors when selecting the ideal wholesale clothing manufacturer to collaborate with.


When selecting a wholesale clothing manufacturer to partner with, reputation is a crucial factor to consider. Look for specific qualities that distinguish a brand from its competitors. Research the manufacturer's reputation regarding product quality, manufacturing processes, customer service, and other critical factors influencing your decision. A manufacturer's reputation is a key indicator of their ability to meet your expectations and requirements.


Location is crucial when comparing manufacturers, as it can significantly impact production costs. Choosing a manufacturer in the same country as your business can provide similar business hours, aiding in logistics planning. It also offers the convenience of visiting the manufacturer when necessary. Opting for a nearby manufacturer can significantly reduce transportation and overhead costs, resulting in greater cost savings for your business.

Cost and Pricing

When selecting a wholesale clothing manufacturer, one crucial factor is whether their bid is feasible for your business. It is important to calculate costs accurately and discuss the minimum order quantity, including whether it applies to all items or specific sizes and colors. Hence, research average market prices and inquire about the manufacturer's payment terms and conditions to ensure they align with your needs.


Before partnering with a wholesale clothing manufacturer, ensuring that their product quality meets the required standards, especially those specific to your needs, is essential. The best way to determine this is by scheduling a meeting and visiting their facility to observe their manufacturing process and inspect their final product. If you find that their product quality doesn't meet your standards, it's best to avoid doing business with them. Poor quality products could harm your business's reputation and hurt sales.

Industry Experience

Although new manufacturers may offer more competitive pricing, choosing a manufacturer with a proven track record in the industry is generally advisable. Experienced manufacturers have a better understanding of the industry, making it easier for you to work with them. They're less likely to encounter unforeseen issues that could slow production or lead to other negative consequences that newer manufacturers might face.

How to Choose Oversized T-Shirt Styles for Your Business?

Oversized T-shirts have a vast range of styles available. Here are some of the most popular styles:

  • Crew neck T-shirts are the classic styles with round, snug-fitting necklines
  • V-neck T-shirts feature necklines forming a V-shape
  • Y-neck T-shirts or Henley shirts have a Y-shaped neckline with buttons running down the front
  • Scoop neck T-shirts feature wider necklines sitting below the collarbone
  • Polo shirts come with collars featuring buttons for a more formal look

The oversized T-shirt's sleeves can also serve as distinguishing characteristics. Here are some popular styles:

  • Short sleeve T-shirts are the standard oversized T-shirt style. Their sleeves extend over the shoulder to the middle of the lower tricep area
  • Cap sleeve shirts create a more fitted look with shorter sleeves extending below the shoulder
  • Long-sleeve tees extend to cover the entire arm up to the wrist for additional coverage and warmth
  • Sleeveless T-shirts or tank tops omit the sleeves entirely

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Oversized T-Shirts?

Most manufacturers often make T-shirts from cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, or tri-blends of rayon, cotton, and polyester. Let's look at each fabric's pros and cons.


Cotton is a widespread option for T-shirts because it's a natural and renewable resource. It's also environmentally friendly as manufacturing needs fewer chemicals than synthetic fabrics.

However, cotton T-shirts are usually expensive and bad for athletic purposes because they absorb moisture. Different types of cotton include:

  • Organic cotton - a soft but expensive option
  • Pima cotton - a soft but more durable option
  • Ringspun cotton - durable and less expensive
  • Combed cotton - strong and smooth material


Polyester is a popular choice for moisture-wicking applications, making it ideal for sports and warm climates. However, it's not as breathable as other fabrics, leading to increased perspiration when wearing polyester shirts.

Despite this, polyester is a durable synthetic fabric that maintains its shape longer than cotton. Unfortunately, it is not an eco-friendly fabric, as its production requires toxic chemicals. Polyester is not biodegradable and may release harmful substances into the environment.

Cotton/Polyester Blend

Oversized T-shirts made from cotton and polyester blends offer extreme versatility. The 50/50 fabric merges polyester's durability and moisture-wicking benefits with cotton's softness and breathability.

You can adjust the cotton-to-polyester ratio depending on your budget and needs. Remember that blends containing less cotton are often cheaper. Cotton/poly blends are also suitable for screen printing and other finishing operations.


Tri-blends are a more appealing fabric option for bulk T-shirt orders. Manufacturers often make tri-blends from 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon.

Although Rayon is breathable, it wrinkles easily, meaning it can't stand alone. But mixing it with other fabric types allows it to make impressive oversized T-shirts. Rayon is also well-suited for dyes, screen printing, and other T-shirt finishing processes.

Wrapping up

Although finding the best wholesale oversized T-shirt suppliers can be daunting, you can identify top-rated ones offering high-quality products at competitive prices. It takes careful research to know which one has the best offers for your business.

While our curated list provides some of the best suppliers, evaluating your options and making considerations is essential. Lastly, consider product quality, delivery options, and pricing before choosing a supplier.



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