10 Best T-Shirt Manufacturers (USA & Worldwide)

10 Best T-Shirt Manufacturers (USA & Worldwide)

There are thousands of experienced T-shirt manufacturers in the world. From China to the USA, companies worldwide offer high-quality textile apparel, detailed craftsmanship, and great service.

As a T-shirt business owner, the quality of your stock needs to impress your customers. Knowing which custom clothing manufacturer is best for you can feel overwhelming at first, but with expert knowledge connecting with a reliable supplier is easier than you think.

Keep reading if you're starting a business or looking for T-shirt manufacturing in the world. Below you'll find the top clothing manufacturers in the world and learn how to choose the right one for your business.

Top 10 Best T-Shirt Manufacturers in The USA & Worldwide

Here are the top T-shirt manufacturing companies to help you elevate your apparel business.

Appareify - Best Overall


Do you want to build a bespoke clothing T-shirt brand that can rival other top T-shirt brands in the US & globally in terms of quality and versatility? Then, consider Appareify as your T-shirt manufacturing partner because they have state-of-the-art technology and a professional team to help your brand from the ground up.

This custom clothing manufacturer deals with biodegradable fabrics for crafting garments and packaging to boost an eco-friendly cycle. Additionally, Appareify produces only superior T-shirts that can stand the test of time, which is vital for building a reputable brand. 

Regardless of your specifications in terms of crafts or intricate designs, this leading clothing manufacturer has a team of craftsmen, apparel R&D experts, and skilled designers who ensure they exceed your expectations. 

With Appareify, your brand stands the chance to get one of the best private labeling services in the industry. This equally means that your logo/brand name will be neatly printed on your T-shirts—making your brand unique and setting you apart from competitors. They also offer OEM services that can meet your bespoke order—based on your exact requirements for functionality, color, style, etc. 

Also, the efficiency extends to their delivery with a turnaround time of 7 - 20 working days or 3 days for urgent orders.

Key Products

  • Private label T-shirts
  • Custom printing T-shirts
  • Oversized T-shirts
  • Long sleeve T-shirts
  • Fitness T-shirts
  • Baseball T-shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Blank T-shirts
  • Bamboo T-shirts
  • Organic cotton T-shirts
  • Neon T-shirts
  • Hemp T-shirts


  • Custom and private label designs are available
  • Responsive customer service
  • Prototype approval before garments are completed
  • 400,00 pcs per month production capacity
  • High-quality results and quick turnaround


  • Overseas businesses may find it difficult to inspect the factories

Get exceptional T-shirt manufacturing services from Appareify today >>

AEL Apparel - Well-Known T-Shirt Manufacturer in China

AEL Apparel

AEL Apparel is a leading Chinese custom T-shirt manufacturer that focuses on providing businesses with high-quality apparel. They have the skill set to produce T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and more.

AEL Apparel has a factory with advanced machinery and sewing operations and 400,000/month production capacity. Alongside standard production services, the team offers private label and OEM manufacturing, which bring your ideas or designs to life with ease.

Key Products

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Loungewear
  • Swimwear
  • Jeans


  • Wide range of products beyond T-shirts
  • Customization and private label options
  • Sustainable production and fabrics available


It's a bit difficult for businesses in other countries to inspect their factory

Discover more about AEL Apparel's T-shirt making services >>

Only Teez - Best Wholesale T-Shirt Manufacturer in the USA


Only Teez is a wholesale T-shirt manufacturer that works with clients worldwide to develop custom T-shirts and unique designs that impress all customers. This manufacturer focuses on wholesale and bulk manufacturing. If you require a large order, this experienced company can help you easily navigate the production process.

From graphic shirts to dry-fit T-shirts, Only Teez has experience in various models to meet all client needs. They also offer private label T-shirt manufacturers, allowing you to develop your brand with assistance from a reliable production process.

Key Products

  • Crop T-shirts
  • Graphic T-shirts
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Baseball T-shirts
  • Dry fit T-shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Running T-shirts


  • A large variety of product models
  • Capacity for large/bulk orders
  • Private label and custom T-shirt capabilities
  • Experience as a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter
  • Replies to inquiries within one business day


  • Only Teez focuses on bulk orders, and small-batch jobs may not be accepted

Visit Only Teez website for more about their services >>

Printful - Best Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Manufacturer in the USA


As an on-demand T-shirt printing company, Printful is an expert at helping clients create unique designs for their customers. Whether you're creating your debut collection or creating a gift for a friend, Printful has services for all requests and 330 products available to customize.

Printful fulfills over 1 million garment designs each month, proving their large capacity and consistent delivery. Alongside timely delivery, Printful offers 24/7 customer support and easy-to-use design services to ensure their platform is accessible to all clients. This allows you to create designs when needed, taking the pressure away from apparel production.

Key Products

  • Unisex T-shirt
  • Men's classic T-shirt
  • Tri-Blend T-shirt
  • Relaxed T-shirt
  • Women's basic T-shirt
  • T-shirt Dress


  • Large product range, including T-shirts, accessories, and more
  • Use of the latest technology to ensure crisp print designs
  • No upfront costs; clients only pay for T-shirts that are ordered
  • Integration with top e-commerce platforms, including Etsy and Shopify


  • T-shirts have longer shipping times due to the print-on-demand model

See the Printful website here >>

Oasis Shirts - T-Shirt Manufacturer With Wide-Ranging Design and Pattern Options


Oasis Shirts provides services for brands who want colorful and printed T-shirt options. From floral prints to striped designs, options are the aim of the game here — ideal if you're looking for unique or eye-catching apparel options. Private label options are also available to those creating their own brand.

When you work with Oasis Shirts, options are available for both genders and in high-quality materials, allowing you to attract all demographics. Also, Oasis Shirts has worked with multiple business owners and retail stores, so they have the experience of serving businesses in various sizes.

Key Products

  • Uniform T-shirts
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Printed T-shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Fashion shirts
  • Denim shirts


  • Oasis Shirts have options for men, women, and children
  • Private label and custom designs are available
  • Apparel production for wholesale and businesses
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Affordable wholesale pricing


  • Oasis Shirts has a large MOQ, which doesn't allow one-off orders

Find out more about Oasis Shirts T-shirts services >>

Zega Apparel - Best T-Shirt Manufacturer for Customization Services


Zega Apparel is a well-experienced T-shirt manufacturer that's worked with over 3,000 reputable brands. This manufacturer is proud to be "sweatshop-free," allowing you to create your own clothing line with ethical production techniques.

Here you can access promotional apparel to give your brand a sleek, professional look. You can also explore cut and sew manufacturing, which aims to bring your designs from sketch to real-life. Zega Apparel focuses on services for small businesses, and the MOQ here is 50 pcs per color and design.

Key Products

  • T-Shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Button-up polo T-shirts
  • Hoodies


  • Zega Apparel has the tools to help you start a small apparel business
  • Experience working with thousands of reputable brands
  • Sublimation printing, screen printing, and custom embroidery services
  • Cut and sew manufacturing
  • Options for uniform and sports apparel orders


  • MOQ of 50 pcs limits small-batch orders

See the Zega Apparel T-shirt manufacturing service >>

Apliiq - Best T-Shirt Manufacturer for Private Labeling and Branding Services


When providing a professional business experience, a sleek branded uniform always gains customers' trust. Apliiq is a T-shirt manufacturer focusing on professionally branded apparel and private labeling. Whether you need a streamlined collection or a coherent brand presence, Apliiq has the experience and services to assist your brand.

Described as "the next evolution of print on demand," Apliiq offers private-label clothing, woven labels, patch embroidery, and neck printing to leave your apparel with an elevated finish. Apliiq also offers up to a 55% discount for bulk orders, helping you save on overheads when ordering for the future.

Key Products

  • Short sleeve T-shirt
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • V-neck T-shirt
  • Polo T-shirts


  • Wide variety of T-shirt designs
  • Production services include cut and sew, stitching, printing, branding, labeling, and more
  • Branding services are available
  • No minimums on any designs
  • Discounts available for bulk orders


  • Apliiq's prices are higher than competitors

Find Apliiq's T-shirt services online here >>

RK T-Shirts - Best T-Shirt Manufacturer for Low Minimums and Affordable Prices


Finding a manufacturer whose costs align with your business needs is imperative, especially in a competitive marketplace. RK T-Shirts is a manufacturer that ensures affordable production costs and low minimums for all clients, allowing you to provide top quality and reasonable prices for your customers.

RK T-Shirts boasts a 15-shirt minimum and the ability to mix and match colors and styles. Clients can also access low-cost shopping, quick turnarounds, and no screen or setup fees (when you meet their MOQ).

Key Products

  • Unisex T-shirts
  • Unisex long sleeve T-shirts
  • Fleece hoodies


  • RK T-Shirts offers a low MOQ (15 pcs)
  • Prices are cheaper here than with other retailers
  • There aren't any setup/screen fees if you meet the MOQ
  • Clients can approve artwork before it's printed to ensure quality


  • Pantone color matching incurs additional fees
  • Garment selection is limited to three unisex options

Visit the RK T-Shirt website here >>

Royal Apparel - Leading Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Manufacturer in the USA

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is one of the leading US-based clothing manufacturers. They have been in the business since the early 90s. With over thirty years of experience, this team has experience in all production areas and can help all types of brands start their own clothing line. Royal Apparel can tick all T-shirt manufacturing boxes, from knitwear to cut and sew manufacture.

Royal Apparel also provides low minimums, private label services, and dedicated production runs for your style. Clients can even access eco collections and apparel, which is perfect for anyone focusing on sustainability and ethical production.

Key Products

  • Unisex T-shirts
  • V-neck T-shirts
  • Pocket T-shirts
  • Baseball/Raglan T-shirts
  • Tri-Blend T-shirts


  • Wide range of products beyond T-shirts
  • Customization and private label options
  • Sustainable production and fabrics available
  • Accessories available, such as beanies, scarves, masks, and pet wear


  • You need an approved account to receive an order quote

Find more information about Royal Apparel T-shirt services online >>

Gag Wears - Reputable T-Shirt Manufacturer in India


If you're looking for an India-based T-shirt manufacturer, explore Gag Wears. This Indian T-shirt manufacturer guarantees satisfaction and high-quality apparel at a competitive price. Their garment options include casual tees, sports T-shirts, polos, and many others — perfect if you're building up a range of garments for your store.

Services at Gag Wears include embellishment processes, such as screen printing, sublimation, applique, and embroidery. These allow you to customize your orders with logos, patterns, and graphic prints. Cut and sew services are also available for garment production.

Key Products

  • Sports T-shirts
  • Casual T-shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Graphic T-shirts
  • Personalized T-shirts


  • Gag Wears offers affordable and competitive pricing
  • The range of T-shirt designs and patterns is varied
  • Sports options are available
  • Lots of embellishment options are available


  • Women's clothing isn't available here

See the Gag Wears T-shirt manufacturing services here >>

Where Can I Find The Right T-Shirt Manufacturer Near Me for My Business?

Finding the right T-shirt manufacturer for your business is an important step that you shouldn't rush. The quality of your garments can affect your customer retention and sales. However, finding high-quality manufacturers is easier than you think. You just need to know where to look.

Here are some top methods for finding skilled T-shirt manufacturers.

  • Online research
  • Manufacturer directories
  • Industry/trade events
  • Connecting online with trade organizations
  • Social media groups
  • The information from this article!

There's no one right way to find the perfect supplier for you. Take your time to carefully read all the information to ensure the manufacturers you're researching are legitimate and can satisfy your requirements.

What Should I Consider When I Am Choosing a T-Shirt Manufacturer?

When selecting a T-shirt manufacturer, you must look for a competent and reputable company that delivers consistent quality. This ensures satisfaction for your customers, and it will help to build your reputation.

Therefore, consider your target audience and specific requirements. Knowing your aims will help you find a manufacturer that aligns with your business model.

You should also consider the price, quality, turnaround times, and expertise. These metrics are central to producing high-quality T-shirts that arrive on time and are within your customer's budget. Look for manufacturers with good reviews, years of experience, worldwide shipping, and prices that your business can afford.


Though it may initially seem challenging, searching for high-quality t-shirt manufacturers is an essential step for your clothing business. This unlocks the ability to produce unique clothing that benefits your customers and builds your reputation as a high-quality apparel brand. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to get started today.

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